Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Report Card - Nov 6

Another successful week. Not quite done with the second book in my Ugly Stick Saloon series for Samhain, but I hope to put some more words down today. This will be the Gray Wolf twins and Libby's story. I finished my Harlequin Intrigue (Elle James pen name) the previous week in a 3-week marathon of butt-in-chair-hands-on-keys seriousness. I think I'm still reeling from that so the 15,000 words I wrote this week seemed kind of anti-climatic next to the 25-26000 words I was pounding out the weeks before.

I spent all day Friday putting my next indie-published book up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe and Smashwords. What a chore, but it's got a beautiful cover and the story was a lot of fun to write. If you like hot Cajun shapeshifters and a little Voodoo in your life, check it out!

Spent this morning printing and cutting out lego invitations and faces for my grandson's 7th birthday. Will get those in the mail to my daughter ASAP. He'll have birthday party in the early part of December since his birthday is too close to Christmas to get friends to come. His mamma was the same way. Birthday got lumped with Christmas all too often with birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper. I know, I'm a bad parent. I didn't do that often. I tried very hard to be sure to wrap in Birthday paper.

This coming week I hope to write the fifth in the Dirty Tricks Series. For those following Charli's adventures, you'll love's going to be free! It'll be a short story that will set me up for the 6th and final story in the series. I've loved following Charli, she's been having the time of her life in Temptation, Texas, with all those cowboys, especially with Mason and her Original Sin. Yum!

Have a great week!

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