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Alluring Tales: Night Moves

Using Voodoo and passionate persuasion, panther shape-shifting brothers woo an abducted heiress over to their side of the bayou.
Warning: Two hot panther shifters, one sassy heiress and the bayou will never be the same...


Her heartbeat skittering into panic mode, Catherine dug her paddle into the water so deep her fingers got wet and the canoe turned away from the shoreline and the large feline. Again, she struck out on the same side, desperate to put enough water between her and the animal. Instead, the canoe spun in a circle.

The gold eyes flashed and the panther's mouth opened, long sharp teeth glinting in a flash of sunshine. It growled, a paw stretching out, claws extended.

Her heart thumping hard against her chest, Catherine knew she had to paddle on the other side to straighten the boat and get away from the cat. Her wets hands shook badly as she swung the paddle to the opposite side. The wooden oar slipped from her fingers and plunged into the water, shooting away before she could grab it.

The cat in the shadows surged forward.

Catherine lunged for the paddle, the canoe tipped and she fell in, her long dress weighing her down, dragging her to the bottom.

Usually a good swimmer, she panicked, her arms flailing as she struggled for the surface. Her legs tangled in the long skirt, forcing her arms to do all the work. By the time she reached air, her lungs burned, her arms strained and she couldn't decide whether she was more afraid of the panther or of drowning.

Struggling to tread water, while her dress pulled her downward, Catherine's gaze panned her immediate surroundings. The stretch of land where the panther paced the water's edge was closest, but out of the question. Other tiny islands lay much farther away. What looked like a log floating in the dark water could be a temporary reprieve until Catherine decided what to do. The log was almost as close as the panther and seemed to be moving her way.

Then the log blinked.

Catherine's blood ran cold, her arms and legs stopped fighting the water for a moment and she sank, water washing up her nose. She kicked upward, back-paddling toward the land, panther or no panther. She'd rather take her chances with a panther than an alligator.

One minute the alligator was there, the next he was gone.

Catherine glanced down at the murky water. Where'd he go? Dear God, he'd gone down, heading directly for her. She turned and swam as fast as she could, straight for land, the black panther and assuredly death.
Five feet from shore, she could taste her salvation. She'd make dry ground and then have to fight off the panther. At least she could breathe on land.

Just a few more feet. Her arms ached, her feet barely helped so hampered by the skirt of her long gown, but Catherine pushed on.

Then long, sharp teeth scraped across her skin, snagged her dress and yanked her backward and underwater. Her chest clenched.

Seconds later, a large splash landed next to her.

She couldn't see anything. Murky, nasty swamp water filled her mouth and lungs, and blinded her eyes. Catherine fought like a mad woman to get away from an angry alligator with a mouth full of fabric. She prayed he got as tangled in the folds as she'd been and leave her flesh alone.

If she wanted to live, she had to lose the dress and get out of water. Lungs burning with the need for air, Catherine slipped the straps off her shoulders and tore at the waistline, fumbling fingers struggling to find the zipper.

Long sharp claws slashed through the layers, digging into her skin.

A stab of pain barely registered as her dress floated free of her body. Catherine kicked hard, pushing upward to surface. She breached, gasping, coughing and sucking a lungful of air into her body.

Without wasting time, she stroked hard for shore, dragging her body up the muddy banks. The panther was nowhere to be seen. Once her feet and body were safely out of the swamp, she pushed to her knees and glanced back as the water churned.

A black blur surfaced on top of the alligator's back as the reptile rolled his huge body.

Another splash captured her attention and Catherine turned toward the house on the edge of the swamp. Luc swam toward the fray, a knife between his teeth, his arms and legs propelling him forward with the speed of an Olympic athlete.

Her heart banging against the walls of her chest, Catherine cried out.

The alligator and the panther disappeared beneath the surface.

Luc yanked the knife from his mouth and dove after the pair.

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