Monday, November 28, 2011

Alluring Tales: Night Moves - Entangled in Darkness

Entangled in Darkness
by Vivi Anna


Branlyn Carmichael has been having dreams. Sensual, hot dreams about a stranger with long, blond hair and pale eyes. A stranger yet he is somehow familiar. Nightly he visits, awakening not just her body, but also her memories. Memories of her childhood home and the horrible tragedy she witnessed there.

After fifteen years of running, it is time to go back to face her past. She can no longer deny the events she has seen or her connection to them. When she returns she finds her dream man waiting for her not in her mind but in her bed. He is flesh and blood claiming to be her protector, sent to shield her from a dark seductive power that wants to possess her body. A power named Gregorian.

Now she is caught between the light and the dark. With no way out except for complete surrender.

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