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Cathryn Fox's Instinctive is out!

Instinctive: An Eternal Pleasure Novel
NAL Trade (October 6, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0451227948
ISBN-13: 978-0451227942

In Fox's titillating new series we enter Serene, a supernatural playground where sexy shape shifters live behind the white picket fences...

Free spirited Jaclyn Vasenty is about to inherit a cosmetics empire, yet her scandalous personal history may ruin her chance for a corporate take-over. Saying goodbye to her naughty ways, she moves into a quaint gated community in Serene, New Hampshire. But these gates are locked at sunset...

The town's dark sensuality rocks Jaclyn's insatiable appetite to the core—and stirs desires that are... inhuman. That's because Serene is home to demons, witches, vampires, lycans, and panthers, for whom primal exploration comes naturally. Especially for shape shifter Slyck, the cunning panther who's pushing Jaclyn to the brink of erotic possibilities and making her feel wildly...feral. As tension between species rises, Jaclyn learns she must draw on all her feminine wiles and join forces with Slyck if she wants to make it out alive.
Romantic Times Magazine Review:
Fox’s tale of paranormal beings and primal exploration lurking under the surface of a quaint New England town is a winner! The strong heroine and hot panther hero are a combustible combination. This book is hot enough to steam up the windows and exciting enough that you’ll ruin your manicure.

In a move that took her off guard, he caught hold of her hand and hauled her into the dark alley way between buildings. Breathing ragged, and body tense, he pinned his arms on either side of her head, caging her between him and the wall. The clean scent of his freshly showered skin reached her nostrils and she pulled it into her lungs. His seductive aroma curled through her blood, reminding her she was a libidinous woman – a libidinous woman with so very many unsated needs. Slyck touched a damp lock of her hair and searched her face.

His gaze was so dark and intense it took two locked knees to keep herself upright. The air grew ripe with the scent of her arousal. She watched the way Slyck’s nostrils flared when he caught her excited tang as it saturated the narrow alley way. His eyes closed for the briefest of seconds.

She touched his face. “What-”

He cut her off and brought his mouth closer and she could have sworn she heard him purring. “You need to get out of here.”


He pulled her against him. Turmoil flashed in his green eyes. “Because if you don’t, I’m going to ravish you. And I don’t think it’s in your best interest,” he said with quiet certainty.

She gulped air. “What is in my best interest?”

His lips hovered over hers, and she got a heady whiff of aged scotch. “Leave town.”

That took her by surprise, especially after the sexy voyeur game he’d played with her. She crinkled her nose, wondering what was going on. Why was he suddenly pushing her away? “You want me to leave?”

“Yes. It’s for your own good.” He pulled her in tighter, his actions contradicting his words.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s for your good,” she said, stating the obvious as his hard cock pressed into her stomach.

His nostrils flared and he growled into her mouth. “Tonight, Jaclyn. Leave tonight.”

God, the way he held her, and touched her made her feel so edgy, so out of control. She wanted him more than she ever wanted a man, which gave credence to her logic to stay away, because sleeping with him wasn’t conducive to her new image. Then again, the phone sex hadn’t helped either. But the fire that brewed between her legs, and the way her birthmark began to burn and sizzle urged her to answer the demands of her body.

Just once.

Just tonight.

Then tomorrow she’d get back on track.

She had no idea what possessed her to say it, but without censoring her thoughts she said, “But you haven’t been properly punished yet.”

His hands fisted. His jaw clenched. She could feel his heart pounding so hard against his ribcage she was sure it was going to burst wide open.

“And I’m just the girl to do it,” she added.

“Oh, fuck, Jaclyn. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

She thrust her pelvis forward. “Maybe we should be thinking about what you could be getting into yourself.”

The invitation in her voice seemed to unleash something wild inside him. His hardened expression changed and took on a resigned look. Gone was his will to push her away.

“Come with me.” He roughly shackled her arms and pulled her deeper into the alley way. A moment later she found herself cutting through the deserted park with him, taking a shortcut back to his place.

Silence hovered in the air as he guided her through his back door. They entered into the kitchen, where he reached into his cupboard and poured them both a stiff drink of scotch. Jaclyn definitely wanted something stiff. But it wasn’t scotch.

A sliver of moonlight outside the window provided sufficient light for her to see him in the dimly lit room. She shook almost uncontrollably as she watched him recap the bottle and put it away. There was something very sensual in the way he moved, she decided. He turned back to face her and pushed the glass into her hand.

“Drink,” he said.

“Thanks.” She took a small sip. As the liquid burned a path down her throat, she watched him, noting how he never once took his dark, seductive gaze from hers as he downed his shot in one gulp.

“Thirsty?” she questioned, barely able to keep her voice from shaking and her body from quaking as she hungered for him with an intensity that both scared the hell out of her, and excited her just the same.

“Yup.” He put his glass down and stalked closer. He took her glass from her and put it aside, then he grabbed her firmly by the hips and backed her up against the wall. Slyck breathed a kiss over her mouth, and surfed his lips over her cheek. “But the only thing that is going to quench my thirst is your sweet cream, Jaclyn.”

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This blog day is dedicated to my very special and multi-talented, smart sister, DELILAH DEVLIN!!! May she always be my sister and may she always be older than me! Yay! If you don't already know Delilah, check out her website at She writes the steamiest stories your little ol' heart could stand.
I grew up in her shadow, always following in her footsteps. She taught me the important things in life, like how to smoke a cigarette (I quit, thank goodness). How to throw an army boot like a pro (at the back of my brother's head) and how to have good karma (the best lesson yet!).

My sister and I began our journey as writers as a challenge back in 2000. If not for her, I'm sure I would have given up long ago. But now I'm multipublished along with her. And we have never been closer and shared as many thoughts and dreams even when we were kids. I could never have chosen a better sister and I wouldn't trade her for Brad Pitt (well maybe for Antonio Banderas...sorry, Sis!)

I sincerely hope she has a very happy birthday and that you will all share comments here to tell her happy birthday as well!


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Trouble with Mitch is OUT!!!!

The last chapter in the TROUBLE series if finally out! Trouble with Mitch released last Friday at Ellora's Cave. Check it out!


Caught in the crossfire of struggle to obtain the Stone of Azhi, Mitch West is inadvertently trapped in a bottle, destined to remain trapped until a woman frees him, only to bind him to her for any wish she might have.

Over protected rich girl, Amira Nassiri, receives the gift of an ancient bottle from a museum curator, she doesn't know what she has until she unleashes the magic inside. Unfortunately the magic is former-lover and skip-out, Mitch West. Not anxious to travel down the path to heartache again, all she wants is for Mitch to disappear.

When men attack her to get to the bottle, Amira is forced to rely on Mitch's help. The path leads to more adventure than one poor-little-rich girl can wish for. With Amira's help, Mitch reunites with his friends Harry and Will to lay the Stone of Azhi to rest with its rightful owner, the long dead Princess Vashti.

Trouble with Mitch Excerpt
Ellora’s Cave

He launched himself across the room, landing in the middle of the bed on top of her, but not before she tucked the phone beneath her.

"Give it to me," he said, his cock pressed between the cheeks of her ass. Saints preserve him, he wanted to grind his dick into her and take her there. She was a hell-cat with the body of an angel and his own body couldn't forget that, couldn't erase the memory of being buried deep inside her warm wetness.

But she had the phone and the way she bucked beneath him made him horny as hell and indicated she was probably still punching buttons.

Mitch eased his weight off her and flipped her over onto her back, dropping his full length on top of her to keep her knees from connecting with that swollen member he wanted to drive deep inside her. He snatched the phone from her hands and smashed it against the nightstand. The pieces fell to the floor, completely useless.

"You bastard!" Her hand connected to his cheek in another hard slap, the sound echoing against he tall ceiling.

"Maybe so, but I really didn't have any intention of harming you, but keep this up and I might change my mind." He clamped her wrists together and jerked them up over her head. "There. Now will you listen while I try to explain what the hell is going on?"

"I don't have to listen to you. You're nothing but a criminal and a liar. And if you r-rape me, my father will have you dissected, one piece at a time, starting with…" She gulped, her eyes round and luminous.

"With this?" Mitch rubbed the evidence of his arousal against her center.
Her throat muscles convulsed and she nodded. "If it's money you want…"

"I don't want your goddamn money! I just want you to listen, then I'll leave you alone and you can get on with whatever is so all-fired important."

Her lips set in a firm line and she squirmed beneath him, only making his hard-on worse.

"Will you quit moving? A man can only take so much from a beautiful woman and not lose control."

She snorted. "Yeah, right. Like you're attracted to me."

"You can't tell?" He leaned back enough to allow her a glance at his engorged cock. "I don't get that hard over just anyone."

"Bull shit!" Her back arched and she rocked beneath him, her breasts bumping against his naked chest. "You're nothing but a womanizing sleaze who lies to women to get them in bed and then takes off after scoring."

Mitch frowned. "I don't have to lie to get women in bed. They come willingly. Like you did, if I recall correctly."

"You crude bastard!" She jerked hard on her wrists. If Mitch let go, he knew he'd be slapped yet again. "You led me on."

"No, you invited me up, not the other way around."

"I know your type. You always get what you want, don't you? Then you leave."

"You don't know anything about me."

"I know enough to know, you're scum. Let me go!" She rocked back and forth, jerking on her hands to loosen them from his grip. The more she bumped him, the slower her movements and the shorter her breaths.

Mitch held tight, his body stretched over hers to keep her from gaining leverage, his one hand holding both of hers above her head. There were other things he'd like to do to her all night, but if he tried, she'd have every right to hit him up with charges of rape. Mitch had never in his life forced a woman to have sex. They usually threw themselves at him. He wasn't going to start now. But the woman beneath him had made love to him then sent her father and her bodyguards in to clean up the mess-him. "I can do this all night," he said, his voice a low croak. "But I'd prefer to talk like civilized adults."

Her brows rose. "You're the one holding me down, who's the uncivilized one here?"

"If you promise not to make a nuisance of yourself, I'll let you up." His cock chose that time to twitch. Oh hell, had she felt it? Was he up for full-blown hysterics? He didn't have time for this. He had to find out what had happened to Edie and Harry. The last he'd seen them, they were fighting for their lives and the Stone of Azhi against the evil Danorah Hakalah. Were they alive or dead? Had they managed to save the stone from her clutches? "Look, you're sexy and all, but I just don't have time to play games. Behave and listen, or I'll have to tie you up."

Amira's deep brown eyes rounded briefly, the flush of red creeping into her cheeks. Oh she had felt his cock nudging against her all right. Then her gaze narrowed into a cool, hard stare. "Okay, I'll behave and listen. Now let me up."

Mitch studied her eyes, trying to see into their dark depths to the thoughts behind them. Not a chance, her black-brown eyes were mysterious pools of ink, impossible to read. He had to trust that she would keep her word.

He let go of her hands and backed off the bed, grabbing a pillow to cover himself down there. No use advertising his arousal to her. She'd made it quite clear she wasn't interested in him for more than the one night they'd shared.

She pushed up onto her elbows and stared at the pillow covering his groin. "Okay, cowboy, you have exactly one minute to convince me I shouldn't scream my head off and shoot your ass for breaking into my apartment."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay so maybe this is all just wishful thinking, but....
I'm actually writing this message on Thursday March 19th. If it works the way it's supposed to, it'll post today, March 25th!!! Ellora's Cave release day! And my e-book Naked Prey should be available now. It's the 3rd book in the Altered States Series, which is a series me, my sister, Delilah Devlin, and two of our good friends dreamed up this series and had loads of fun writing it, building on it and publishing it. Also just released is the print book Fangs and Fur available now from Ellora's Cave containing Cat Scratch Fever and Sex, Lies & Vampire Hunters so you can get a little bit of wolfie love and fangilious lovin'!

Now, why would I be posting on Thursday the 19th what I wanted to say on Wednesday the 25th? Because I'm on vacation! That's right, I'm in the mountains of Colorado, hopefully skiing the snowy slopes of Winterpark. So while you're reading Naked Prey, set in the swamps of Florida and the wilds of Texas, you can think of me shooshing down the slopes, or drinking hot toddies in front of a fireplace, enjoying the last of the winter before Spring melts the snows away!


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One on One by Cathryn Fox

One of my Allure Author compatriots has a new book out and it's got a HOT cover! Check it out!

Samhain Publishing
February 3, 2009
ISBN: 978-1605043760

Contemporary Romance

It was just a sexy game. Then things went south…

Taylor Dayton has been holding back a secret from her best friend, firefighter Christian Bain: he’s the only man who can douse the flames inside her. It’s time he noticed her as more than an ice cream and movie pal. What better way to melt the blinders from his eyes than propose an irresistibly sexy grooming session?

Christian can hardly believe the woman from his erotic dreams has just issued a siren call no red-blooded male can resist. He’ll give her what she wants, and when he’s done with her, she’ll need more than a fire hose to cool her down.

When their little game leads them to discover their secret fetishes and fantasies, they realize that this sexy seduction is no longer just a game.

This time, it’s for keeps.

I loved this friends-to-lovers short story because it was written in a fun, quirky sense that had me smiling through most of it. The sex scenes were intense and erotic while also carrying forward that sense of fun and adventure...That made the relationship work on so many levels. I highly recommend One on One for anyone looking for a sexy fun short read to warm your body and soul!
~ The Romance Studio, 5 Hearts


“Okay, what do I have to do to get Christian to look at me like that?” Taylor Dayton asked her two friends as they all sat around The Hose, the local watering hole where the firefighters from Station 419 gathered for a nightly game of eight ball.

Megan, Taylor’s friend and coworker at Chez Frontenac, the finest French restaurant in Chicago, twisted sideways and shot hunky firefighter Christian Bain a glance.

With his stance casual and his body language confident, Christian’s eyes filled with lust as he perused one of the regulars who’d just sensuously sidled up to him, her body conveying without words what she wanted to do with his hose.

Megan arched a brow. “He’s a real hottie, isn’t he?”

As Taylor acknowledged the flare of desire deep between her legs, she said, “Oh yeah, he’s hot all right. Hot enough to set off the smoke detectors in our apartment complex.” Taylor took a much-needed sip of her strawberry daiquiri hoping the cool drink would help tamp down the passion rising in her. Waving her hand in front of her face, she continued with her litany of why Christian was so damn hot. “Honestly, it’s hell living next door to him sometimes.”

“How so?” Megan asked.

Taylor angled her head for a better view. No two ways about it, the guy was downright scrumptious. Her gaze raced over him, taking in his roguish good looks and virility before stopping to linger at the apex between his legs. She took a brief luxurious moment to conjure up the image of those muscular legs entwined with hers. The mere thought of it had her body reacting with urgent demands.

With his seductive blue eyes, sun-kissed blond hair, and strong, athletic body, the guy was all rolled up into one perfect package designed for sex, sin and seduction.

As languorous warmth stole through her, Taylor blew out an agonized breath. “Christian’s a regular carnival attraction, the neighborhood bicycle, if you will. He has women lined up a mile long, eager to take a ride on his banana seat.”

Astute eyes trained on Taylor, Megan flashed a cocky grin. “Everyone but you, I take it.”

Under the cotton of his blue T-shirt, his striated muscles bunched and relaxed again with each easy movement. Liquid desire moved through Taylor as she studied him, taking pleasure in his every enticing shift. She also took pleasure in the way his long capable fingers slid up and down his pool cue in a smooth, fluid motion as he chatted with Miss Hot Pants. Her mind took her on an erotic journey, imagining how those fingers would feel stroking her body in a similar fashion, one part in particular, actually. As she indulged her wayward thoughts, her body quaked with excitement. An erotic whimper bubbled in the depths of her throat.

Damn, he was yummy.

When her eyes met his, a sensuously wicked grin turned up his mouth. His smile was a little arrogant, and a whole lot sexy. Sexual longing swamped her as he fueled the flames inside her belly. Feeling suddenly feverish, she licked her dry lips. Honestly, the man oozed sex appeal like none other.

Taylor worked to compose herself. “Yeah, everyone but me,” she croaked out.

“So ask him out.” Megan tossed a salted peanut into her mouth. “What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is it’s too late for that. We’re in the friendship zone.” She paused to do air quotes around that one word. “I’m his buddy, his pal, someone to eat chunky monkey ice cream with or watch movies with.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t been attracting a whole hell of a lot of attention from any of the guys around here lately. And those few men I have ended up between the sheets with haven’t bothered to call back for seconds.” She glanced at her friends. “Is there something wrong with me?” Toying with her ponytail, Taylor took note of her jeans and loose-fitting blouse. At twenty-nine maybe she’d skipped right over the vivacious-vixen stage and straight into grooving granny.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with you.” Megan gestured with a nod toward the washrooms. “Look at that cutie over there. He’s speaking to another guy right now and pointing your way. I think he’s got his hose aimed in your direction, chicky.”

Taylor glanced toward the long hallway housing the washrooms—a hallway that she’d come from minutes earlier—and took note of the guy looking her way. As far as cute went, that firefighter had it in spades, but he was no Christian Bain. Not by a long shot. Still, he looked like a guy who could get the job done. And tonight, after watching Christian work the pool table, she desperately needed the job done. Either that or she was about to spontaneously combust.

As Mr. Cute Guy moved across the room, toward her, she noticed Christian’s body language and took in his watchful eye. Gaze riveted, he leaned against the pool table and perused the action with mute interest. His brotherly instincts were kicking into high gear, no doubt. When his blue gaze flitted across her face, it triggered a craving deep inside her—a craving she knew only he could sate.

Bending forward, Mr. Cute Guy put his mouth close to her ear, his warm breath hot on her neck. Speaking in whispered words, he said, “I think you lost something.”

Oooh, a new pick-up line. How refreshing. Taylor waited to hear more, but instead of whispering sweet nothings and telling her all the naughty things he’d like to do to her later that evening, he held his hand out.

Mortified, she swallowed down the lump rising in her throat and glared at the hair net swinging from his extended fingers.

Oh hell!

“I think this fell out of your bag earlier, ma’am.”

“Thanks,” she blurted out. With little finesse she snatched the hair net and stuffed it into her pocket.

How. Totally. Frigging. Embarrassing.

After Mr. Cute Guy twisted around and made his way back across the room, Taylor threw her hands up in the air, knowing it was time to make some changes before she turned into one of those little old ladies with four hundred cats.

“Okay, girls, I’ve had it. That’s the last time a hot guy my age is going to call me ma’am.” She slammed her hands down on the table, her voice taking on a serious edge. “It’s time for drastic measures.”


I'm so excited! Finally! TROUBLE WITH MITCH is on the schedule to release May 29th! And I just love the cover! Check it out. This will be the final book in the TROUBLE series and will wrap up the story of the Princess of Azhi, Harry, Will and Mitch will come together in the final battle to free the men of their Genie bottles. Yay!

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Prize Giveaway!!!

I love to give away prize packages in my newsletter, but people sign up for my newsletter and don't read to find out if they won a prize! Sooooo....I'm giving away my October Newsletter prize that wasn't claimed! You might ask, what do I have to do to be entered in this contest? Easy! Go to my website, look through my books and find the hero you like best. Come back here and comment which one you like best and why. I'll chose a winner from the comments and post it here at the end of the day. Easy, right? One catch? You have to come back to the blog to find out if you won!!!! And if you did, you HAVE to contact me with a snail mail address so that I can get the prize mailed to you.

Hint, my website link is in the box to the right full of links.

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New Years Resolutions Anyone?

No? Me either! Why bother making the same resolutions I made last year and didn't keep? So this year, the only resolution I'm making is not to make any New Years Resolutions like:

Lose 30 lbs - If I want to lose the weight badly enough, I'll do it with or without a resolution I'll more than likely break.

Exercise more - I started this last year in May with my dh. I'm determined to keep this up. We're walking 4.5 miles at least 5 days a week! Didn't do that because of no stinkin' resolution, no sir! May's a bit past the resolution stage.

Put out more on my writing - yeah, whatev! I decided I wanted to fit family time into this year. The writing will come as needed. Don't worry! I have things planned and I'm always open for another contract! Give me a deadline and I'll meet it!

Finish painting my house inside - This has been a 3-year project. I know that by the time I'm done painting the rooms, it'll be time to start all over! Finish? Never!

So that's my non-resolution New Year's Resolution.

Now to get to writing! Mind you, not because of any stinkin' resolution, either!