Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years Resolutions Anyone?

No? Me either! Why bother making the same resolutions I made last year and didn't keep? So this year, the only resolution I'm making is not to make any New Years Resolutions like:

Lose 30 lbs - If I want to lose the weight badly enough, I'll do it with or without a resolution I'll more than likely break.

Exercise more - I started this last year in May with my dh. I'm determined to keep this up. We're walking 4.5 miles at least 5 days a week! Didn't do that because of no stinkin' resolution, no sir! May's a bit past the resolution stage.

Put out more on my writing - yeah, whatev! I decided I wanted to fit family time into this year. The writing will come as needed. Don't worry! I have things planned and I'm always open for another contract! Give me a deadline and I'll meet it!

Finish painting my house inside - This has been a 3-year project. I know that by the time I'm done painting the rooms, it'll be time to start all over! Finish? Never!

So that's my non-resolution New Year's Resolution.

Now to get to writing! Mind you, not because of any stinkin' resolution, either!


Julie Robinson said...

Ahoy Myla,
In case you don't see t his on the Access Romance site, I thought I'd come here too. Thank you so much for my book. I got it in the mail today. You must be very efficient because that was fast!


Julie Robinson said...

Totally relate to your blog today. Every year I make the same list, but I must be a little slow because I finally realized that I was writing the same things down, just in a different notebook.

30 pounds is what I need to lose, but I don't see it happening all in one year. I'll aim for 10 or even 12.

Walking---I started in July and had worked my way up to 4 miles a day when I got really sick for a few months. I finally went to the doctor only because I couldn't spend Christmas with my parents, siblings, and their families 'cause no one wanted me there--sniff. I started back up a week ago, doing one and now two miles.

I've been cutting down on work and volunteer activities, since it's my only child's last year in H.S. and I want to enjoy the time with him as much as possible. Not that he always wants mom around, but I'm there for him. Next year, he'll be in the dorm, so it's nice just being together at home.

Painting 3 years? You've got us beat. My hubby's been painting the inside of the house for the past 2 years. He's halfway done!!

Have fun with the writing---I'm looking forward to reading Masters of Desire. Loved your autograph comment. I shall do my best at mastering my own desires! But I can't promise!! Arrrrgh.

Karin said...

Happy New Year!

Resolutions are definitely overrated. I don't do them, though I gave myself a few goals to get accomplished this month. Two down and one more to go.

Myla Jackson said...

Glad you got the book so fast!

I have one in 10th grade. My last one at home. I'll be a terrible empty-nester.

Good for you. I have goals, just not the resolution types. They're for breaking!