Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trouble with Mitch is OUT!!!!

The last chapter in the TROUBLE series if finally out! Trouble with Mitch released last Friday at Ellora's Cave. Check it out!


Caught in the crossfire of struggle to obtain the Stone of Azhi, Mitch West is inadvertently trapped in a bottle, destined to remain trapped until a woman frees him, only to bind him to her for any wish she might have.

Over protected rich girl, Amira Nassiri, receives the gift of an ancient bottle from a museum curator, she doesn't know what she has until she unleashes the magic inside. Unfortunately the magic is former-lover and skip-out, Mitch West. Not anxious to travel down the path to heartache again, all she wants is for Mitch to disappear.

When men attack her to get to the bottle, Amira is forced to rely on Mitch's help. The path leads to more adventure than one poor-little-rich girl can wish for. With Amira's help, Mitch reunites with his friends Harry and Will to lay the Stone of Azhi to rest with its rightful owner, the long dead Princess Vashti.

Trouble with Mitch Excerpt
Ellora’s Cave

He launched himself across the room, landing in the middle of the bed on top of her, but not before she tucked the phone beneath her.

"Give it to me," he said, his cock pressed between the cheeks of her ass. Saints preserve him, he wanted to grind his dick into her and take her there. She was a hell-cat with the body of an angel and his own body couldn't forget that, couldn't erase the memory of being buried deep inside her warm wetness.

But she had the phone and the way she bucked beneath him made him horny as hell and indicated she was probably still punching buttons.

Mitch eased his weight off her and flipped her over onto her back, dropping his full length on top of her to keep her knees from connecting with that swollen member he wanted to drive deep inside her. He snatched the phone from her hands and smashed it against the nightstand. The pieces fell to the floor, completely useless.

"You bastard!" Her hand connected to his cheek in another hard slap, the sound echoing against he tall ceiling.

"Maybe so, but I really didn't have any intention of harming you, but keep this up and I might change my mind." He clamped her wrists together and jerked them up over her head. "There. Now will you listen while I try to explain what the hell is going on?"

"I don't have to listen to you. You're nothing but a criminal and a liar. And if you r-rape me, my father will have you dissected, one piece at a time, starting with…" She gulped, her eyes round and luminous.

"With this?" Mitch rubbed the evidence of his arousal against her center.
Her throat muscles convulsed and she nodded. "If it's money you want…"

"I don't want your goddamn money! I just want you to listen, then I'll leave you alone and you can get on with whatever is so all-fired important."

Her lips set in a firm line and she squirmed beneath him, only making his hard-on worse.

"Will you quit moving? A man can only take so much from a beautiful woman and not lose control."

She snorted. "Yeah, right. Like you're attracted to me."

"You can't tell?" He leaned back enough to allow her a glance at his engorged cock. "I don't get that hard over just anyone."

"Bull shit!" Her back arched and she rocked beneath him, her breasts bumping against his naked chest. "You're nothing but a womanizing sleaze who lies to women to get them in bed and then takes off after scoring."

Mitch frowned. "I don't have to lie to get women in bed. They come willingly. Like you did, if I recall correctly."

"You crude bastard!" She jerked hard on her wrists. If Mitch let go, he knew he'd be slapped yet again. "You led me on."

"No, you invited me up, not the other way around."

"I know your type. You always get what you want, don't you? Then you leave."

"You don't know anything about me."

"I know enough to know, you're scum. Let me go!" She rocked back and forth, jerking on her hands to loosen them from his grip. The more she bumped him, the slower her movements and the shorter her breaths.

Mitch held tight, his body stretched over hers to keep her from gaining leverage, his one hand holding both of hers above her head. There were other things he'd like to do to her all night, but if he tried, she'd have every right to hit him up with charges of rape. Mitch had never in his life forced a woman to have sex. They usually threw themselves at him. He wasn't going to start now. But the woman beneath him had made love to him then sent her father and her bodyguards in to clean up the mess-him. "I can do this all night," he said, his voice a low croak. "But I'd prefer to talk like civilized adults."

Her brows rose. "You're the one holding me down, who's the uncivilized one here?"

"If you promise not to make a nuisance of yourself, I'll let you up." His cock chose that time to twitch. Oh hell, had she felt it? Was he up for full-blown hysterics? He didn't have time for this. He had to find out what had happened to Edie and Harry. The last he'd seen them, they were fighting for their lives and the Stone of Azhi against the evil Danorah Hakalah. Were they alive or dead? Had they managed to save the stone from her clutches? "Look, you're sexy and all, but I just don't have time to play games. Behave and listen, or I'll have to tie you up."

Amira's deep brown eyes rounded briefly, the flush of red creeping into her cheeks. Oh she had felt his cock nudging against her all right. Then her gaze narrowed into a cool, hard stare. "Okay, I'll behave and listen. Now let me up."

Mitch studied her eyes, trying to see into their dark depths to the thoughts behind them. Not a chance, her black-brown eyes were mysterious pools of ink, impossible to read. He had to trust that she would keep her word.

He let go of her hands and backed off the bed, grabbing a pillow to cover himself down there. No use advertising his arousal to her. She'd made it quite clear she wasn't interested in him for more than the one night they'd shared.

She pushed up onto her elbows and stared at the pillow covering his groin. "Okay, cowboy, you have exactly one minute to convince me I shouldn't scream my head off and shoot your ass for breaking into my apartment."

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