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(Alluring Tales: Night Moves)

Using Voodoo and passionate persuasion, panther shape-shifting brothers woo an abducted heiress over to their side of the bayou.

Warning: Two hot panther shifters, one sassy heiress and the bayou will never be the same...


When he reached for the hem of her shirt, she grabbed his wrist and held tight. "I can take it from here."

"No, you can't. The scrape runs along your side to the middle of your back." His gaze held hers, his hand curling around her upper thigh. "Roll over onto your stomach."

She stared at his hand, the fingers resting near the juncture of her thighs, warming her skin. "I don't trust you...not to take advantage of me," she ended on a whisper.

Lucien's lips slid into a devilishly sexy smile.

But it was Bastian who spoke. "We won't take advantage of you, if it's not what you want." He moved closer, snagged another cotton ball and smeared ointment on it. "Let me take care of that scrape on your back. It was my fault it's there in the first place."

Lucien chuckled. "Hands off, huh, bro?" But he moved away, allowing Bastian to take his spot on the bed.
"Roll onto your stomach," Bastian said.

Catherine gazed into his startlingly golden eyes and, despite her better sense, did as he asked.

Rough fingers nudged her shirt hem upward, over her butt cheeks.

Her pussy clenched, juices drenching her channel.

He pressed the cotton ball to her skin, sliding the ointment along the scratch, from the middle of her ass up to her ribs.

Catherine squeezed her thighs tightly together so that the men wouldn't see the juicy affects they evoked. Frankly she was shocked at her own wanton reaction, but she couldn't help herself. Her ass rose off the bed, pressing against his wrist, wanting more than the touch of the cotton ball. When his hand skimmed over the curve of her uninjured cheek, she sucked in a sharp breath.

In a few steps, Lucien rounded the bed and knelt on the other side. "Is he hurting you?"

"Uh, no," she gasped.

"You liked that, didn't you?" Bastian leaned over her shoulder, his fingers pulling the damp strands of hair away from her ear. "You want more."

"Hey, brother, let the lady speak for herself." Lucien smoothed his hand over her shoulder. "Do you?"
Catherine inhaled, closed her eyes and willed herself to show some control. When she opened her eyes to stare into Lucien's equally golden eyes, his hard, muscular chest within easy reach, her brain disengaged and her senses took over. "Yes."

Bastian leaned close and sniffed. "Umm, you smell better without the city on you." His hand on her ass flexed, squeezing tighter. "Do you want me?"

Bastian's gravelly question spread over her body like warm, melted chocolate. Her belly quivered.

Lucien's fingers slid lower down her arm, the tips nudging at her breasts. "Or do you want us both?"

Both? She swallowed hard. Breathing became impossible. "I'm your captive. What choice do I have?"
Lucien clucked his tongue, his fingers leaving her skin.

Bastian backed away, straightening from the bed. "We're not in the habit of raping women. If you want us, you have to ask."

The sudden withdrawal of both men left her cold and frustrated. She rolled to her back, the shirt twisting, exposing her pussy. She didn't care. "Us?" Catherine's fevered mind clutched the word even as her hands skimmed over her breasts and traveled lower to her aching core. "As in both of you?" She sighed. "I must be insane."

"And?" Luc prompted.

They were strangers. She was their prisoner. A thrill of excitement angled southward. Today was Saturday, the weekend would end and she'd get back to her life as the isolated heiress. For the moment, she could afford to throw caution to the wind—no one was expecting her to sit through a boring meeting, make a decision or spend more money. As long as she was back in New Orleans by Sunday night...
"You will take me home tomorrow?"

In a flash, Lucien held up two fingers. "Scout's honor."

Bastian snorted. "He was never a scout."

"Shut up, bro." Lucien chuckled. "We're making progress."

She didn't owe these men anything, no commitment, nothing. Still, something nagged her thoughts. "Why did you bring me here?"

Lucien glanced at his brother, their gazes locking. "You asked for an island.” He spread his hands outward. “I wanted you to see ours."

Her tension leached away. Finally, someone who didn't want anything from her. Tingles spread across her skin, settling lower between her thighs. "Oh, I want to see yours, all right." Letting her knees fall open, she had no trouble asking, "May I have you both?"

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