Friday, October 29, 2010

Check or carry-on?

As I pack my bags for a week-long trip to Phoenix, I struggle with the check or carry-on issue. Now that the airlines charge for every bag you check, it pushes people to carry their bags on board. That then leads to less of everything. Less shampoo, less hairspray, less toothpaste and then having to pack your liquids in a plastic bag and run it through the security scanners seperately. How many of you forget you bagged the liquids and left them tucked in a pocket of your carry-on until after you've already been scanned? That's me!

I'm fast at unpacking and repacking my computer. I wear slip-on shoes for easy on and off and I don't wear excessive metal in belts or jewelry that might set of the alarms. Really, traveling by air has become a big hassle. But then again, I'm not big on really long road trips, either, so I deal with the trouble and get on with it.

Essentials in my travel? My computer. I can't go a whole week without access to the internet. It makes me completely crazy. I carry notepads because on the plane I usually get some really big guy in front of me who leans his seat back as soon as the plane takes off. Can't open the computer if someone's laying in your lap. A notepad is fine for those occasions and gives me a chance to just think...about jabbing my pencil into the guy's ear that's laying in my lap. No really, I would never! But I might write a character gone off the deep end by inconsiderate air travelers.

Oh, and since I'm a writer, when I'm writing mystery or suspense, I find that I want to ask questions that aren't appropriate for air travel. Like, How would you hide something the size of an airplane while in flight? Uh. No. Not a good question to ask of the flight attendent. And lord forbid you should mention the H word. You know...the one where you're saying the short form of hello to Jack! Nope, can't ask that question. I can't even spell it in a blog for fear I'll end up on a list somewhere.

So back to the original question. Check or carry-on? Spend $25 bucks to have the airline delay your luggage or pack less and carry-on...The answer I'll leave floating out in airspace. Hopefully we won't run into it on my flight tomorrow. That and dodging geese are my greatest flying fears.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Progress

I spent yesterday sitting with my high school senior daughter and her tutor preparing for the ACT test. She needed help with math and science and feels "weird" about being alone with a tutor. Actually, the tutor was cute so I had no problem sitting there with my little laptop, plotting a story I hope to put straight to Kindle. My darling sister has been through all the ropes and hoops so I'm hoping to learn from her experience.

But first, I'm working this week on my third in the BOUND and TIED Series I have coming out with Samhain Publishing. Can't wait to get started. This series is based in the 1860's. The first two books take you to the mining country of Colorado. The third will bring you back east to the Mississippi River and the gambling boats. Can't wait to write Rosalyn's story. Yay! Wish me luck!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The big "O"

The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them...Michelle Hammersley

Sometimes when I'm writing a sex scene, I find it difficult to describe the feeling of the big "O". It can be different for everyone. A really good one is hard to describe and sometimes harder to achieve!

I was researching how to achieve the big "O" on the internet and found an article that said that

to men, "O" comes naturally. But for most women, they have to learn to reach "O". It's not just hitting the right spot physically, it's about reaching it both physically and mentally.

I find that to be true. Getting in the mood is important. I do it by reading something really sexy.

What do you do to get in the mood?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthdays and Bucket Lists

It's my birthday and I'll be busy all day and well into the evening. But it's a good time to stop and reflect on the decades gone by. Seems like the BIG ones are the birthdays that I have to take stock of what I've accomplished and what I have yet to accomplish.
Ten years ago I looked at my life and decided if I was ever going to write a book, I'd better start then or it was never going to get done. Now I'm a published author and writing full time! Amazing! I've checked several items off my BUCKET list and added a few, mostly dealing with travel and one dealing with making the NY Times best sellers list.
But all in all it's been a fantastic life so far. Can't wait to see what's coming up next!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm excited to announce the start of a new wild west series called BOUND AND TIED coming out with Samhain Publishing, starting October 26th with the release of HONOR BOUND a story set in the 1860's.
Two lonely miners in the Colorado Gold Rush and one tempting widow-turned-thief get tied in knots over each other...
When what feels right could get a man killed
Zach Braun struggles to resist his unnatural desire for his claim partner, Jake. The two rugged miners have been alone in the mountains for months, with no women. Exhilerated by the discovery of gold, they give in to their lust and discover sexual delights in each other.
A witness to seduction...
Widow Honor Whitaker, is on the run from her Indian captor, when she stumbles upon two men whose sexual activities make her want to join them. Determined to retain her independence she takes what she needs from a cabin and runs.
When a thief attempts to steal their gold, Zach and Jake aren't quite sure what to do with her, so they tie her up. They are shocked to discover their thief witnessed their sexual antics and that she was aroused by what she saw.
Together the three learn to let go of social mores and to accept what feels good as right, not the devil's work. But their newfound delight in each other might come to an end when a savage comes to claim what is his.
Watch for the next book in the series called DUTY BOUND due out in January of 2011! Jake gets his girls!