Thursday, February 02, 2006


Here's an excerpt from TROUBLE WITH HARRY. Enjoy!

TROUBLE WITH HARRY by Myla Jackson available now!

“Step aside. Move yer bloody arses!” A dirty man with blackened teeth, a scraggly beard and breath that could make a camel wretch, pushed a line of equally repulsive men out of the way. Then he leaned into Edie’s face and breathed a putrid stench against her lips. “As the first mate, I have the right to go first.”
The fog and darkness immediately left Edie’s mind. Just like in her dream, she was stripped of her clothing and tied to the main mast of an ancient pirate ship. Around her a hundred bloodthirsty pirates leered, their tongues hanging out of their mouths as if drooling over that twenty-ounce steak Edie thought she’d have to tie around her neck to attract a man. So, she’d been wrong. She could attract a man, or men, just by standing in front of them naked.
Tugging at the ropes chafing her skin, her arms strained against the bindings. “What do you want with me?” Duh, dumb question.
“We be wantin’ to give ye that experience ye was wishin’ for, missy.” The first mate grabbed both her breasts in his meaty hands, squeezing as if they were office stress balls.
A cheer went up through the mass of males.
“I’ll be next!”
“Then me!”
“You’ll have ta wait yer turn!”
One man punched another in the eye.
Edie winced and jerked to the side in an attempt to dislodge the pirate’s grip. “Keep your hands off me, or I’ll—”
“Or ye’ll what? Call out the British navy to save yer pretty arse?”
The first mate grabbed her thighs and shoved her legs open. Then he cupped her ass in his hands and rammed his trouser-clad cock up against her pussy.
As he struggled to untie his britches, Edie got a foot between them, braced her back against the hard wood of the mast and shoved with all her might.
“What the—” The pirate sailed backward into the throng of men knocking six over before he came to a resounding crash on his backside, his head connecting to the hard, wooden deck with a dull thunk.
Edie, breathing hard, had no time to spare. Other pirates moved in as the first mate stumbled to his feet.
While more hands pawed at her breasts, Edie squeezed her eyes shut and said, “I wish Harry were here to save me.”
At the first familiar rumble of thunder in the distance, Edie opened her eyes. Just then, the ship lurched to the side. Pirates tumbled across the deck, a few falling overboard. If not for the ropes holding her to the mast, Edie would have been thrown to the deck, as well.
When the ship leveled in the water, only rocking with the gentle swell of the ocean, some of the pirates fished their mates out of the water while the others circled around her once again.
This time, the first mate wasn’t leering. He rubbed at the back of his head. “You’ll pay fer the lump on me head, wench.” He struggled to open his britches.
Edie forced herself to laugh out loud, even while her stomach flip-flopped and she fought her gag reflex. Maybe if she humiliated him, he wouldn’t be able to perform. “You aren’t serious are you? Why you’re probably so inconsequential the rest of the men will laugh.”
The first mate scowled down at the strings he fought to open and paused. He looked as if he had some doubts.
Edie almost crowed with her minor victory.
Then the pirate’s jaw hardened and he moved closer. “You’ll suck me cock until it grows as big as me fist, do ye hear?”
A sword swished by Edie’s face to halt with its point lodged near the first mate’s groin. “Touch her again, and I’ll slice off yer bullocks and tie them to the crow’s nest for the gulls to feast on.” The warning was delivered in a low, even, blessedly familiar tone.
Edie’s pulse jumped.
Harry stood beside her bare-chested, his gleaming muscles tanned and rippling in the warm salty air. Long dark hair hung down to his shoulders, capped by a flamboyant black hat turned up on one side with a long white ostrich plume dipping over the top. Black, skintight pants hugged his crotch, emphasizing the swell of his magnificent cock. The spitting image of her imaginary lover, Black Bart, Harry was glorious.
The filthy pirate gulped, his hands dropping to his sides. “I wasn’t gonna do nothin’ to hurt the wee lass. Honest, Capt’n.”
With a deep scowl, Harry flicked the tip of the sword, piercing the man’s skin enough to draw blood. “Next time you touch my woman, I’ll not threaten. Now get out of my sight.”
“Aye, aye, Capt’n.” The first mate and all the rest of the ship’s hands scurried off to the far corners of the vessel.
Which left Harry and Edie alone together at the center of the craft.
“I’m sorry, Harry,” Edie said. “The wish just slipped out.”
Harry turned his brown-black gaze onto her, skimming her from the tip of her flyaway red hair to her red polished toenails. “I’ve a mind to teach ye a lesson.” His voice washed over her in the singsong pattern of a pirate. The tip of his sword pointed between her breasts and drew a faint line down her belly, over her naval to the edge of the rust-colored curls covering her womanhood.
A thrill of anticipation ran the length of her spine, settling in her lower belly. The cold steel didn’t cut her skin, but the promise it implied lay open her desire. She wanted him more than she’d wanted anything in her entire life, more even, than her father’s approval.


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