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Winner of Day 24 of 30 Days of Giveaways!

Congratulations, Bray! You're the winner of the prize package for Day 24 of 30 Days of Allure Author giveaways. Please contact me at Myla to claim your prize.

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Day 24 in 30 Days of Allure Author Giveaways!

I couldn't decide on who to spotlight today, so I decided to spotlight several fantastic Allure Authors! To enter this contest, visit each author's site and tell me something you learned about that author in a comment. Sunday afternoon, I'll choose a winner. And what does the winner get? All four of the featured books! (hint: Remember, there are 4 books, but 5 authors showcased here.

Hell Kat

ISBN 0-7582-1495-2 (Trade Paperback)Kensington Aphrodisia

Smart, sexy, and kick-ass brave, Kat has the fighting skills of a warrior and a sexual appetite few men can match--although most would happliy die trying. But Kat has bigger problems than choosing her latest bedmate/plaything. She's caught in a post-apocolyptic world where only the rich live well - and Kat is determined to be one of them. To make her dream come ture, the fearless treasure hunger has to get her hands on a lot of money, and that's going to take every bit of talent she's got, and then some. With her devoted partner and lover Damian at her side, Kat sets out to make one big score. The stakes are high and they get even higher when she discovers her rival, Hades, is after the same thing. Big, mean, and sexy as hell, he's just the sort of man Kat loves to take to bed...and will...if he can help her in her quest. Now, two people whose fiery attraction grows more explosive by the hour are joining forces in a dangerous game, and a delicious discover of treasure awaits them in the dark.


Jacq's Warlord
co-authored by Myla Jackson and Delilah Devlin

Ellora’s CaveISBN-10: 1419956639ISBN-13: 978-1419956638
“…Set in the time and in the battles fought as Henry takes the English throne, the combination of battle action and sexy romance makes this story a standout.”
5 Stars, Kirra Pierce, JERR on JACQ’S WARLORD
“…if you are looking for a book full of action, adventure and lots of humor I recommend that you suspend your disbelief and find yourself drawn into the vibrantly portrayed world of JACQ’S WARLORD…”
4 Crystals, Megan, Erotic Escapades on JACQ’S WARLORD

With proportions that would make Xena weep, Jacqueline Frazier despairs of ever finding a lover she can’t intimidate. Until the day she ignores an itty-bitty warning regarding the use of a family heirloom, and finds herself swept off her feet by a knight in not so shining armor, back to the twelfth century. Forced to accept the protection and sexual attentions of the overbearing, beast of a man, Rufus of Rathburn, Jacq struggles to find her place in the past while searching for a way back to the future. In the meantime, she aids Rufus’s war cause with a little 21st century ingenuity. Nothing like shaking up the warlord with lessons in bomb-making, guerilla tactics, and the Joys of Sex.
At first unwilling, and downright ungrateful, Rufus begins to see merit in Jacq’s odd ways. Through Jacq’s eccentricities and willfulness, Rufus learns she is a woman to be reckoned with, not to mention she is a lusty handful in bed. Will his admiration of her cunning, strength and uninhibited sexuality grow into a love that breaks the barriers of time? And will their love be strong enough for Jacq to plot a different future in the past?


The Beast Within

The Knights of White, Book ISilhouette Nocturne (November 1, 2007)ISBN-10: 0373617755ISBN-13: 978-0373617753
Amazon.comBarnes &
Also Available as part of the KNIGHTS OF WHITE eBook BUNDLE! Order at eHarlequin
Visit The Knights of White to read an excerpt!

Known only as ‘Jag’, he leads an army, the Knights of White, in the battle of good over evil, fighting the soulless Darkland Beasts who took his wife and his life. Saved by an immortal of mystical powers, he, too, is now immortal, destined to live with the vengeance he feels in his heart. He is torn between the beast stirring his soul and the goodness his mentor presses him to embrace.
But soon the true origins of the war being fought will become clear. For this is a battle of angels; Raphael, a protector of humanity, against, Cain, the fallen one, from the Underworld.
Cain will stop at nothing to take down his adversary, even bringing Jag’s wife back to life in the form of forbidden temptation. His plan…to destroy the Knights and conquer good with evil.
Now, Jag will find the one he lost, and their love will either lead him to the light or the ultimate darkness.


Ask for It
Kensington Brava ISBN-10: 0-7582-1473-1

England, 1770. Beneath the silk and lace of London society lies a secret, elite organization of spies. Protecting the Crown from its enemies is hazardous, but for Marcus Ashford, protecting his heart from an unyielding passion is the far greater peril…
As an agent to the Crown, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, has fought numerous sword fights, been shot twice, and dodged more than any man’s fair share of cannon fire. And yet nothing excites him more than the primitive hunger his former fiance, Elizabeth, arouses. Years ago, she’d jilted him for the boyishly charming Lord Hawthorne. But now, the elegant widow is his to defend, and he will do so while tending to her other, more carnal needs, showing her the depth of a real man’s desire…
Dangerous secrets led to the murder of Lady Hawthorne’s husband. Secrets she now holds in a diary many would kill to obtain. But to entrust herself to the protection of the most seductive man she’s ever known? Outrageous. Unthinkable. Irresistible. For it was Marcus’s strong passions and burning desire that frightened her into abandoning him years ago…and her answering craving has never waned. Now, he means to be at her service, in every sense. And perhaps the only sensible course isn’t to resist temptation, but to surrender to it completely…

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Day 20's Winner

Redz is the winner of the Day 20 prize in the Allure Authors 30 Days of Giveaways. Please contact me at Myla to claim your prize! Thanks to all for playing!

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Day 20 of Allure Authors 30 Days of Giveaways!

It's Day 20 of the 30 Days of Giveaways by the Allure Authors! Today I want to give away a book by the fabulous Lisa Renee Jones! Check out the excerpt and reviews for Hard and Fast. Comment on the blog for a chance to win a copy of Hard and Fast.

Harlequin Blaze #339 (August 1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 037379343X
ISBN-13: 978-0373793433

Read an Excerpt | Read the Reviews
Barnes & Noble

No playing with the players

For Amanda Wright—new reporter on the pro baseball block—this rule is harder to keep than she thought. Especially with the team’s star pitcher, gorgeous Brad Rogers, sending signals her libido can’t possibly miss. How can she indulge her craving for Brad and still prove she can play with the big-league journalists?

From their first illicit kiss, their private ball games lead to delicious pleasure. Then she discovers Brad is hiding a big secret that could make her career—or blow his. And suddenly she has to choose: the best story of her life…or the best sex!


“With her press pass, Amanda Wright lives the perfect female fantasy. She’s allowed into baseball players’ locker rooms with full access to hot pitcher Brad Rogers. Brad is attracted to the beautiful reporter, but he’s leery about the press because he has something to hide. His arm has never completely healed after surgery, and as the daughter of a sports doctor, Amanda realizes it right away but won’t report on the injury. She’s also determined not to give in to her attraction to Brad because she doesn’t want to lose her professional reputation. When rumors of steroid use pop up, loyalties become complicated. HARD AND FAST (4), by Lisa Renee Jones, has heart, passion and very hot sex.
— Romantic Times

“When I saw that HARD AND FAST was a romance set around baseball, I knew without a doubt that I had to review this book. As a huge fan of baseball and former college baseball groupie, I settled in for what I hoped would be an eye opening and entertaining read. Brad Rogers could be any big name pitcher worrying about his career. He loved his mama, he loved baseball, and oh how he loved Amanda. Sexy and sinful combined with smarts and attitude made a winning character. If I liked Brad, I have to say that I loved Amanda. Bold, sassy, and so much sports knowledge in one small package was great to see as a female lead. She was often unsure and sometimes experienced self doubt in her abilities, but in the end she realized what was important.

HARD AND FAST just solidifies my opinion of Lisa Renee Jones’ writing ability. She creatively brings to life the wonderful characters of Brad and Amanda. Add in the sleazy persona of Amanda’s sports writing rival and I was enthralled. I love when an author can keep me so focused on their work that I forget everything else. I emphatically recommend reading HARD AND FAST. It is definitely a home run in my book!”
- 5 Blue Ribbons, Natasha, Romance Junkies

“I will admit it. I had never really thought I would be interested in reading a Harlequin novel. Years of hearing stereotypical ideas of these books had me believing them to be fluffy, sweet little romance novels that were not exactly my cup of tea. I didn’t look down on them - just did not believe they were the kind of stories that suited my reading tastes. Boy, was I wrong! Thanks to Lisa Renee Jones, an author who I am already a big fan of, I read HARD AND FAST, from the Harlequin Blaze line and will tell anyone without reservation that I loved it!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every book I have previously read by this author, and this book was no different. Yes, the romance was sweet, but with none of the `virginal princess in the tower’ feeling I had expected from Harlequin. No, this book had all the sexy heat I had found in Jones‘ other work, much to my delight!

“Brad and Amanda are very down to earth, realistic characters. Their fears, their motivations, and their situation were all very believable, as were the obstacles that kept them from easily settling into a romance together.

“Brad is the kind of sports hero women fantasize about - a star pitcher with soap star looks and a killer physique, complete with down-home Southern charm and a penchant for going after what he wants - in bed and out. His fear of discovery is palpable as he struggles to pitch a memorable year and cement his contract with the Rays.

“Amanda is a great role model for women - she has faced the kind of adversity that would break some people, yet still forged ahead and found a new path for herself, in which she has succeeded admirably. Through it all, she has retained her compassion, and refuses to build herself up by using the misfortunes of others. It is no wonder Brad can’t keep his mind or his hands off of her!

“Which brings me to a stereotype I am very pleased with - the happy ending Harlequin is known for. Lisa Renee Jones wraps up this story with a tidy little ending, resolving any potential loose ends that could derail our couple, and leaving her readers with smiling faces and warm hearts! If you love hot little romances with multi-layered characters, then you will not want to miss HARD AND FAST!”
- Jennifer Ray at CK2S Kwips & Kritiques


Brad reached for her, pinning her against the wall, his legs framing hers, his hands on either side of her head. He was rewarded with the soft, familiar scent of jasmine. He was addicted to that smell. No. Addicted to her.

He fixed her in a hot, tell all, stare. “I want you, Amanda.”

“You had me,” she said, her hands pressing against the wall of his chest.

His reply was instant, his rejection complete. “It wasn’t enough.”

“It has to be.”

“Do you really want that?” he asked, pressing, knowing it wasn’t. Feeling the slight give of her body as it softened into his touch.

She drew a shaky breath, her hands resting on his chest rather than pushing, her response one of avoidance. “You have to leave.”

”I can’t leave,” he said, pressing his forehead against hers.

Her chest rose and fell, her voice low now. “I can’t do this, Brad.”

He eased backwards a bit, letting her see the truth in his eyes. “I didn’t come here over Tony. I told myself that was why I drove here. I needed to believe that, too. But the minute I saw you again, I knew why I really came. I knew it was because I needed to see you. Because I couldn’t help myself.”

“You said-”

He cut her off. “I lied.”

Confusion flashed in her eyes before her expression hardened again. “You left my hotel room, acting as if I couldn’t be trusted, when I’d done nothing to deserve that. Yet now you admit you are the one lying? I don’t want to play these games with you. No. I won’t.”

“No games,” he said. “I came here because I can’t get you out of my mind.” They stared at each other, sexual tension between them, his body burning to feel her closer. “That’s the truth.”

“I don’t know what to believe,” she murmured. “I don’t…we can’t.”

He leaned forward, resting his cheek to hers, relieved when she didn’t push him away. She felt so good. He felt her inside and out. Felt her everywhere. What was she doing to him? He could barely breathe from the impact of her, from the way her touch, her nearness stormed his senses.

“Tell me to stay,” he whispered near her ear.

“Brad,” she whispered.

“Tell me to stay,” he said again, forcing himself not to kiss her, not to push more than he already had.

Her hand went to his face, a tender touch that tightened his gut. “This is so not good for either of us,” she murmured.

Her response spoke of acceptance and he responded with an instant, yet gentle, reaction. His lips slid along her jaw, brushing the sensitive skin with a long caress as he traveled upward. Absorbing the sweetness of her as his lips touched hers.

“Trust me,” he whispered, his hands leaving the wall to frame her face as he stared down at her. “No one will ever know.”

“Like you trust me?” she countered, her voice soft, full of passion, but her eyes alive with defensiveness.

She was always challenging him and he found it incredibly arousing. “Trust is earned.”

He brushed his mouth over hers, this time using his tongue to tease hers, just barely sliding past her teeth for a quick, tantalizing touch. “We could start tonight.”

“How exactly do you propose we do that?” she whispered, her mouth near his, their breath mingling. His hands slid down her neck, her shoulders, her sides. He’d felt her walls the night before. Known she’d only allowed him to see a part of her. Tonight he wanted more.

“Every time you let down your guard,” he said. “Every time you trust me a little more, I’m going to reward you with pleasure.” He let the promise linger in the air for several beats. “How does that sound?”

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Winner of Day 13

TamiC is the winner of the Myla Jackson books give away for Day 13. TamiC please contact Myla to claim your prize!

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Day 14 of 30 days of giveaways

Check out Sasha White's Blog for the Oct 15th's giveaway on the Allure Authors 30 Days of Giveaways! And don't forget to order your copy of Alluring Tales: Hot Holiday Nights!

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It's my Birthday! Prizes!!!!!

Day 13
of 30 Days of Giveaways with the Allure Authors

Because it's my birthday I wanted to give away a present to one lucky winner! All you have to do is list the name of all the allure authors and enjoy reading a few excerpts from the prizes to be given away! Comment for your chance to win!

Three books and promotional items for one lucky winner. Play with me, read with me and have a fabulous day. I plan to!

Wild Wild Women of the West II
Touch of Magic
by Myla Jackson
Order here

Chapter One

Catarina Novak settled the heavy purple cloak around her bare shoulders, pulling the tie-string away from choking her throat. Lightning danced in a circle, held tight by her assistant Nora Jane Sims. The cloak spooked the solid white Arabian stallion she'd inherited from her mentor, The Amazing Mancini.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Nora Jane fought to hold the stallion steady.
Leaving their bags at the hotel in Abilene, they'd ridden out early that morning before the sun rose to prepare for her introduction to potential theater patrons. Now, half a mile east of the city, they prepared for the grand entrance to the Golden Garter Theater and Saloon. This would be Catarina's first magic show without Marco Mancini. The old magician had insisted she was ready, telling her she was as good, or better, than he had ever been.
That had been a few minutes before he'd passed on due to a nasty bout of pneumonia.
Cat wrinkled her nose at the smell of the stockyards, reminding herself that horrendous stench was the smell of money. The town was teeming with cowboys, merchants and cattle. There should be a good crowd at the theater tonight. Especially if she made a spectacular display and enticed more people to come to the show.
"I have to do this. We need the money to pay our hotel bill and get us to Chicago." Catarina settled the cape over the hindquarters of the stallion and reached out. "Let me have the reins."
"I don't know about this. I can get a job washing clothes or something. You don't have to do this, you know. Lightning only likes to be ridden by men.""Nonsense, as a laundress, you'd never save enough money to get to Chicago and your sister. We have to do this. Besides, Lightning won't know the difference between me and Mr. Mancini, other than the side saddle."
Nora Jane shook her bright copper curls. "You don't weigh no more than a tumbleweed Ms. Catarina, and that horse knows it. Why he could throw you so fast you won't know what hit you until you wake up dead."
"I'm an excellent rider. Don't worry about me, nothing bad will happen." She hoped her streak of bad luck and little accidents didn't jinx this show. She and Nora Jean needed the money to stay alive and move farther east. "Now, I have to get or I'll miss the afternoon crowd in town."
"I don't know." She handed Cat the reins but held the strap by the horse's mouth. "Lightning ain't likin' that cape, none."
"He'll have to get used to it." She glanced down at the black satin dress sprinkled with painted silver stars and smiled at the gift Signor Mancini had bestowed on her before their last show together. Her vision blurred. If not for Mancini, she didn't know what might have become of her. He'd taken her in as a young widow when her husband died of pneumonia on their way out west.
She didn't have time to ruminate on the past. Her future awaited. "Let go, Nora Jane. I have a job to do."
The redhead stepped back. "Break a leg, Ms. Catarina."
"Thanks." She took a deep breath, turned her mount in the direction of the Golden Garter and sank her heels into the horse's flanks.
Trace Adams trudged across the busy Main Street of Abilene, Kansas, bone-weary and covered in dust and grime from months on a cattle drive from Amarillo, Texas.
"Can't wait for that drink you promised me a hundred miles ago." Jay Tyler clapped his hat against his thigh, sending up a puff of dust.
"And you'll get that drink. You and the boys worked hard."
The excitement of reaching Kansas was more over the prospect of a bath and a new set of boots and clothing, than from actually delivering the animals. Sure, he was glad to get his herd to the stockyards and he'd be even happier to get paid for the six hundred head of longhorns he'd driven over hundreds of miles with minimal losses. But what he wanted most was a clean body, a soft bed and twenty-four hours of uninterrupted sleep.
"Well, since we're finally in Abilene, have you made up your mind?" Jay asked.
Trace took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Nope."
"You can't keep Martha hanging." Jay pounded him hard on the back. "You need to shit or get out of the outhouse."
"I know. It's just that we've known each other all our lives. I've never thought of marrying anyone else, but still."
"What you need is to sow a few wild oats. Ride a few other fillies before you settle on the mare of your dreams."
"I'm not buying a horse." No, Martha wasn't a horse, but Trace felt like a horse trader being stuck with one horse to choose from and he was chafing at the prospect. Not that Martha wasn't a good horse-woman. She was one of the best, a fine solid woman with everything a man wanted and needed for a ranch wife. When he'd left, she'd insisted on a parting kiss-their first. A chaste kiss for the proper woman. For he two months he'd been on the trail, he'd thought about that kiss and how he'd felt nothing-no spark, no connection, no stirring in his loins.
Perhaps Jay was right. He needed a comparison, a chance to experience other women before he settled with Martha. The catch being, he was more or less promised to Martha. Trying out other women would be like cheating on his future wife. He respected Martha too much to cheat on her. No, he had to make this decision without perusing the corral of other fillies.
When he and Jay were only halfway across the thoroughfare, a loud whooping sound caught Trace's attention. Men gathered on the broad boardwalks, every one of them facing to the east. A shout went up as a cloud of dust blew their way.
"What the hell?" Jay turned to face Main Street.Too tired to really care, Trace made it across to the front entrance of the Golden Garter Saloon, bent on ordering a whiskey before tackling the job of cleaning up.
As he set his foot on the boardwalk, he turned to Jay.
"Whoa, will ya look at her." Jay's mouth hung open, his eyes wide.
Emerging from the cloud of dust was a solid white horse racing through the street at breakneck speed. Perched in a sidesaddle on its back was a beautiful woman with a long, flowing black mane of hair, as beautiful and wild as the horse she rode. She wore a star-sprinkled black dress and a purple cape that appeared to be choking the living daylights out of her. By the way she leaned back on the reins, she was no where near in control of the rampaging horse and if she didn't slow the horse soon, someone was likely to get hurt.
"Damn, that horse is a run away," Jay said.
Without thinking, Trace leaped off the boardwalk onto the hard-packed dirt of Main Street and directly into the path of the charging horse. When he didn't move out of the horse's way, the horse planted his hooves in the dirt, skidding to a halt. Then he reared, his rider hanging on to the saddle horn, her eyes wide, her long black hair swirling around her face.Trace reached out, captured the reins and brought the horse back to the ground.
When all four of the horse's hooves were firmly planted on the ground, the woman grasped the string around her throat and pulled it away from her skin, a thin red line marring her pearly white throat. She gulped air for several seconds and then turned a brilliant smile toward the men lining the boardwalk. With a wide and graceful sweep of her arm, she shouted, "Gentleman, let me introduce myself." In a voice only Trace could hear, she said, "Step away from the horse."
"Are you crazy?" He held the horse's nose down. The animal's ears still lay back against his head and the whites of his eyes shown. If he let go, the woman would be flat on her butt in the dirt. But then maybe she needed that lesson.
"I need the room for my entrance," she hissed for his ears only. For the crowd, she stood in the single stirrup and waved her hand again. "I am the Amazing Catarina, magician and mesmerist extraordinaire!" After she said the words, she gathered her skirts and jumped from the horse's back. When she hit the ground, she flung her heavy purple cape in a sweeping arc.
The cape flapped in Trace's face. The Arabian stallion reared again, lifting Trace from the ground. Holding on with all his might, he fought to calm the horse.
The woman continued. "Join me at the Golden Garter tonight at eight for daring feats of magical wonder and delight."
When she waved her cape again, the horse leaped forward, taking Trace with him, dragging him down the length of Main Street. All he could hear over the thundering hooves, so dangerously close to his own feet, was the woman saying, "See? I can make a cowboy disappear with just the wave of my cape."
Laughter followed him to the end of the street and out onto the prairie.

Wild Wild Women of the West II
Second Wind by Myla Jackson
Order Here

A nicker sounding suspiciously like laughter erupted from Ranger's full equine lips.
"Can't get no respect. Even from my damned horse." He glared at Ranger. "I'm a desperate man. If praying will help, by God, I'll do it. Despite your snickering."
He dropped his chin and searched his memory for the fancy words he remembered from when he'd attended church as a child. Hell, the last time he was in a church was when he went with his mamma at least twenty-five years ago.
Twenty-five years and none of the words came to him. Nope. Nothing.
Ranger nudged him with his soft muzzle.
"Okay, okay. I'm gettin' to it." Seth cleared his throat. "Dear Lord-" Lightning flashed, the glow penetrating Seth's eyelids. "I know it's been a while-" Thunder rumbled. "Okay, it's been a long time. Nothin' gets by you, does it?"
Another rumble shook the earth beneath Seth's knee.Ranger pawed the earth.
"If you could see it in your heart to send me a woman, I'd be much obliged." His words ended in a rush. "There, I prayed." Seth straightened and plunked his hat on his head. A brilliant flash of lightning ripped through the clouds, skimming across the ground.
Seth jumped back as if the bolt aimed at him.Ranger pushed Seth with his nose.
"Oh yeah, I forgot." Seth dropped back down to one knee, tipped his hat and said, "Amen."
When he rose, he glanced toward the east, half hoping...For what? A woman to come riding across the prairie and straight into his arms?
Seth snorted. "That'll happen about as soon as it starts raining women from the sky." Thunder added to his harsh laughter.
Ranger reared and backed away.
"What's wrong with you? Never known you to be afraid of a little ol' storm."
Fat drops of rain splashed against his face. "Come on, let's go back to the barn. The good Lord ain't gonna deliver her here in the middle of nowhere."
As Seth swung up into the saddle, another clap of thunder shook the air. "A man could be struck by lightning out here without a tree within miles." A flash struck so close the light blinded him.
Just as he settled into his saddle, something struck him from behind, knocking him clean off his horse. He landed on his chest, the force of the fall knocking the air from his lungs. With his face full of buffalo grass and dust, he couldn't breathe.
What the hell?
As soon as he could suck in enough breath to refill his lungs, Seth rolled to his side, drawing the six-shooter from his holster.
What he saw was unlike anything he'd ever seen in his entire life.
A balloon as big as his barn blew over his head dragging what looked like a giant basket along the ground. The basket hit a knoll and tipped over. A door sprang open, spilling some of its contents into the tall prairie grass before moving along, pushed by the strengthening storm.
Seth's gaze followed its path until it disappeared over a hill.
Ranger trotted after the monster balloon.
"Whoa, boy. Where do you think you're goin'?"
When the horse reached the small knoll where the basket had tipped, he stopped and nickered.
"Find something?" Rubbing the lump on the back of his head, Seth tromped through the tall grass. As he closed the distance between himself and the horse, a moan rose from the ground. For a moment, Seth thought the wind made the noise. Then another followed the first. Nope. That wasn't wind.
Seth loped to the spot and looked down. He blinked his eyes and looked again.
"No, I'm not believin' this. That ain't what it looks like. No siree. That bump on my head musta been worse than I thought." He pressed the rising lump, pain shooting down the base of his neck. "Yup, definitely seeing things." Seth grabbed for Ranger's reins.
The horse jerked free and nodded toward the aberration on the ground.
"Don't tell me you're seein' things too." Seth glanced around for his hat before he realized he'd stuck it back on his head. "It can't be real." His gaze returned to the inert form. "But it sure looks like a woman."
His imagination had conjured a woman. She lay on her side with her back to him, naked as the day she was born, but fully growed, judging by her length and the full swell of her hips and thighs. A full mane of golden tresses flowed down over her shoulders to tangle in the buffalo grass.

Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy
Out of the Shadows by Myla Jackson
Order Here

Chapter One

"They're cockier than usual tonight," TJ Evans whispered to his partner as a gang of five young men ambled down the deserted streets of inner-city Houston, kicking soda cans and talking loud enough to wake even the undead. "As expected. They're looking for anyone who might have ignored the mandatory evacuation order."
Ryan nodded in the dark. "Probably getting hungry."
"Good, when they're hungry they don't always think straight."
It was the witching hour, the time of night you didn't want to be out on the streets with all the creepy and dangerous people littering the hours between midnight and four.
TJ and Ryan crouched behind the abandoned automobile they'd chosen as cover for their mission. As cops assigned to the Houston Special Task Force, they were responsible for keeping the streets clean of the worst kind of riffraff, and the guys headed their way qualified-young, aggressive and vampires. He recognized them from the sketches at the station.
"Ready, Ryan?" TJ asked.
Ryan nodded and fitted a wooden dart into his crossbow.
About the time he was set, a woman emerged from an evacuated apartment building, carrying a laundry basket piled with belongs. The vampires whooped and made a beeline for their first unwilling victim of the evening. Halfway to her car, the woman spotted the men, her eyes growing round. She darted a look from her car standing against the curb and back to the doorway as if debating which she could make faster.
"She's mine." The short, stocky vampire wearing a black T-shirt and sporting dragon tattoos on each arm led the way.
The woman dropped the basket and dove for the car, fumbling to fit her key in the lock.
"It's show time." TJ pressed the stock of his recurve crossbow against his shoulder. "Let's go."
The two cops stepped from behind the rusted-out vehicle.Ryan called out, "Halt or I'll shoot!"
TJ snorted and sighted his weapon on the man in the lead. "You're such a rookie."
But the shout brought the gang of men to a standstill, and they turned toward the two cops. Their leader laughed out loud. "You're kidding, right? You want us to stop?"
"Houston Police, step away from the woman," TJ said, his weapon at the ready.
"And who's going to stop us? You?" The guy with the tattoo dragons threw back his head and laughed, his long white incisor teeth reflecting the light from the nearby streetlamps.
"Can't say we didn't warn you." With his hand firmly wrapped around the grip, his sights targeting the first man's chest, TJ squeezed the trigger, sending the solid wooden dart straight into the man's heart.
The laughter died on the tattooed man's lips and his eyes widened. As he glanced down at the wooden dart embedded into his heart, his body jerked and then jerked again. Within seconds he shook so hard he fell to the earth, screaming, his flesh dissolving into dust until the wind lifted his remains and blew them away.
The other four men stared down at where their leader had been. By the time they looked back at the two cops, Ryan squeezed his trigger, another dart flying into the chest of the nearest man.TJ had already reloaded and fired off his next round when the gang of three remaining vampires turned and attacked. He was able to fire his last round into the heart of one, dropping him in mid-lunge. Neither TJ nor Ryan had time to reload. They moved back, pulling wooden stakes from the knife sheaths on their belt.
The two vampires left standing leaped onto the hood of the abandoned vehicle and roared, flashing their teeth. The bigger vampire growled and dropped to the ground, stalking toward TJ.
You're in luck. I believe the only good cop is a dead cop."
"Is that so?" TJ said. He braced his legs for the attack, adrenaline pulsing through his veins giving him an almost orgasmic rush. God, he loved his job! "We may have a bit of a problem. I believe the only good vampire is a dead vampire."
The vampire leaped at TJ, knocking him to the ground. For a moment, TJ's hand loosened around the stake. If he didn't get it into the vamp's heart quickly, he didn't stand a chance. Vampires had superhuman strength and resilience. TJ's only advantage was his ability to think under pressure. His opponent clamped clawlike hands into his shoulders and leaned forward, his lips peeled back from long, wicked teeth.
"No!" TJ yelled, acting as though the vampire had him now. But when the teeth neared his neck, TJ raised his hand in a sudden upward thrust, driving the stake through the man's ribs into his heart. He collapsed on top of TJ, his body shuddering and twitching as he withered into a cloud of dust scattered by the wind.
TJ rolled to his feet, brushing the dust from his shirt.
The other vampire had Ryan pinned to the pavement.
"Need help, partner?" TJ asked, retrieving the stake from the ground.
"Nope," Ryan grunted, straining to keep the vampire's teeth from sinking into his neck. "Got this one under control."
TJ chuckled. "Looks to me like he has you." He raised the stake and plunged it through the vampire's back into his heart. "Come on, quit playing around. It's nearing daylight and the end of our shift."
Ryan remained pinned for several more seconds by the dying vampire. Then he stood and brushed the dust from his shirt. "You take all the fun out of the job."
"You'll get over it." TJ glanced around for the woman in time to see the taillights of her compact car disappearing around a corner. He stared down at the dirt on his uniform and sniffed. "God, I hate the smell of dusted vampires. What say you and me head for the station?"
Ryan stooped to gather his recurve crossbow. "You're on."

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Roses Colored Glasses Newsletter

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Texas Men coming very soon!

My sister, Delilah Devlin's, first reviews are out on TEXAS MEN and they're great!

Fallen Angels Reviews gave it 5 Angels and a Recommended Read! Yay Sis!

Wearing His Brand
Lyssa McDonough is sexy, independent, and posses a stubborn streak trench deep. She has also been in love with her brother’s best friend, who is adamant about seeing her only as his friends “little sister”. She wants him with an ache that won’t quit, and just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Therefore, she decides to do something about the fire that only this cowboy can quench. Brandon Tynan has wanted Lyssa since before she was legal, and the wanting has only gotten lustier and far more intense. However, a promise to look after her while his best friend is gone keeps him from the woman he desires most. Then one day things come to a head, and Brand must decide should he give them both what they’ve been missing or keep walking away and not look back.
This book started with a heated dialogue and kept me focused from start to finish. Lyssa wanted her man and didn’t stop until she got him. You’
ve got to love a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Brand knows she is his, and he shows her what being his woman is all about.
The sexual tension winds tighter and tighter until you can feel it sizzle and burn. These two people are going to be remembered by for a nice long while…
Slow Ride
Maggie McDermott has lusted after her younger neighbor since before either of them ever acted on it. Then her husband dies and leaves her wanting a man in more ways than one. The only thing is the man she wants is years younger than her, and she doesn’t want to be left feeling as if she’s chasing a younger man. But she just can’t say no. Daniel Tynan has known he wanted Maggie since he was a young man, and now that he has a chance to show her, he is all she could ever want. And he means to keep her. If he can only get her to understand that he’s not, too young to know his own mind and heart. Maggie keeps running, and Daniel keeps chasing. When he catches her, there is no turning back… for either of them.
I really related to Maggie in this novel because she has a woman’s needs with a woman’s heart, and Daniel gave her all that she wanted and then some. I read this story, and then read it again. The emotions were written to a fine tune, you could experience it all, and you loved it!
Very rarely can I hear the breath of the characters, the sweat of the skin, and the feel the deep-seated love of two people. The sensuality between these two left me wanting a one-way ticket to Texas for my own cowboy!
Straight Up Soldier
Suki Reese is on the run from a mad man, a man determined to make her his or no one’s at all. So she decides to run, and let her self become bait. She wants her life back and is set on catching the fool trying to ruin her life. What she doesn’t count on is the man that waltzes up her walkway like he owns the world; and declares he is going to look after her. She tries to convince herself and him that she doesn’t need his help. But the longer he stays, the more she wants him and fights the attraction that is about to burn out of control. Suki soon discovers there is no reason in the world to fight, and more than enough to give in. Mac McDonough is still fighting with recovery from a busted leg, and the last thing he wants to do is protect a woman who is a danger to his mind, and heart. Thinking he is doing a simple favor for a friend with a simple drive by, than is until he meets a spitfire who needs him in so many, many, many ways. Mac soon looses his heart, and finds this woman completes him, and that he will do anything for her love, even die.
Mac and Suki are like paper and fire in this last story! The dialogue is great, and the interaction between the characters is very real. It might not take them long to make love, but you don’t get the feeling at all that it’s rushed. It is just very real. I like the way they handle the attraction between them. The threat in the plot was always there and you never felt like it was an after thought to the passion between the two characters. They both save each other in ways they don’t expect. A very nice plot and exciting read.
This anthology was one of the most decadent reads of the year for me.
The sexuality was so intense, descriptive, and real it left you wondering how you did not hear and see the thunder and lighting. Each story was better than the last, and while you’re reading, please be sure to have a bucket of ice handy! I promise you are going to need it! The women were feisty and knew what they wanted and had no problem making it known. The men were dominating without being smothering; they understand the workings of their women’s hearts and give them all that they need.
Of all the stories in this anthology, Slow Ride reached out to me the most. The emotional aspect of it was just tremendous, and I loved it. I really connected with Maggie, she made me feel her emotions and understand what was in her heart. I think I would have liked it best as a longer stand-alone. The whole novel was great and left me in deep envy of all those women down there with those sexy Texas men! This was a very wonderful sexy and mature read. I loved this novel there was nothing left out at, it has passion, love, romance, danger, and plenty of sexual congress. Delilah never fails to deliver on any front, and this is just another testament to an extraordinary writer. As always, I am look forward to more of her extraordinary novels Congratulations to Ms. Devlin on a tale well done!
And I knew her when she was still playing with Barbies!

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DAY 2 of the Allure Authors 30 days of Giveaways - Sasha White!

In celebration of our upcoming release ALLURING TALES: HOT HOLIDAY NIGHTS, the Allure Authors are giving away prizes for the next 30 days! Today I'm giving away a copy of Sasha White's WICKED and a special puppet (I'll let you guess what kind of puppet it is. Hint: it's naughty) Post a comment on another blog about the Allure Authors Giveaway and leave a comment here with the link to be entered for the prize! I'll choose a winner tomorrow to give you folks time to post!

The winner of WICKED is ArkieRN !!!!! Please contact Myla Jackson to claim your prize!
Check out Cathryn Fox's Blog for Day 3 of the Giveaway!

And for your reading pleasure here's what Reviewers have to say about WICKED!
Berkley Heat
ISBN-10: 0425219186
ISBN-13: 978-0425219188
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel
Release Date: January 2, 2008

“Sasha White’s WICKED definitely lives up to its name; the sizzling hot and sexy storyline has characters you’ll fall in love with.”-Fresh

* * *

“This fast moving story is sure to keep you wanting more with its erotic action, delightful characters and intriguing plot. It was also nice to hear Karl’s story after getting to know him a bit in Bound and Trouble, though reading the previous stories isn’t imperative to keep up in Wicked. 5 Angles!”- Fallen

Readers first met Karl Dawson in BOUND, they’ll get to know him a little better in TROUBLE, but one woman will learn all in WICKED.

Bad-boy divorce attorney Karl Dawson has seen all the ways love can go wrong. That’s why he’s given up on it. Jaded and feeling restless, he has playmates, not girlfriends. A leather-clad Dominant, he comes and goes in the city’s after-dark playgrounds as he pleases. That’s how he likes it.

Lara Fox is an independent jack-of-all-trades who can do anything she sets her mind to - except that falling-in-love thing. She’s got a need for control too strong for most men, and an inability to walk away from a challenge. Including a challenge like Karl. He’s cocky, arrogant, and demanding. That’s how she needs it.

They’re perfect for each other. But what begins as a sensual battle of wills turns into a journey neither is prepared for when Lara is threatened and emotional walls start to crumble.



“Why is there a woman under your desk?”

Karl Dawson’s steps faltered as soon as he entered the office. He stopped walking to enjoy the view of the denim covered heart shaped ass sticking out from under his assistant’s desk. Definitely female. And the way it was tilted up at an angle that made his hand itch to spank.

“I’ve switched sides.” The smirk on Graham Nelson’s pretty face as he said that made it clear he was full of shit.

Dressed in black slacks, a purple shirt and a pink tie, he was such a flaming homosexual that Karl toyed with the urge to hose him down with the fire extinguisher, just to see what would happen.

Instead, all he did was raise an eyebrow, fix his assistant with a look, and deepen his voice slightly. “Graham.”

“My friend Lara. She’s installing a wireless network for us.” Graham stood back from his desk, planted a hand on his outthrust hip, and eyeballed him. “Your client base has increased thirty percent in the last two months alone. This is needed.”

Karl eyeballed him right back. The divorce business was booming, and Graham was right - his legal services were in high demand with no signs of slowing down.

Shit. He hated changes made to his computer. Computers were not his friend. Anything beyond email gave him a headache and Graham knew it. “If you put more crap on my computer and my life gets more difficult … so does yours.”

“Actually …” a muffled voice came from Graham’s desk and Karl tried not to notice his body’s reaction to the delectable ass wiggling and waving as the woman backed out from beneath it.

She stood casually, thick black locks streaming down her back as she tossed her head and met his gaze head on. “Once I get my hands on your laptop you’ll be able to connect to the Internet from pretty much anywhere in the building, including the restaurant downstairs. We’ve set up a dedicated server for your files and all your data has already been transferred. I can teach you how to navigate the new programs in less than fifteen minutes, and life will be easier for you both.”

Graham waved his hand airily. “Trust me on this, Mr. Dawson. The upgrade will make my job easier, therefore your life simpler.”

The words barely registered in his mind as Karl watched Lara check him out. He recognized the appreciation in her gaze and an answering hunger stirred inside him.

He arched an eyebrow her way. “You’re going to teach me?”

“Sure.” Her smile turned suggestive. “I have no problem teaching a man how to do things right.”

“I don’t usually need instruction from my women.”

She shrugged. “All men need instruction at some point or another.”

Fire leapt to life inside of him, but Karl didn’t bother to respond. It had been a hell of a morning and he wasn’t really in the mood to deal with attitude from anyone, sexy or not.

And she was very sexy.

Bright blue eyes, smooth honey colored skin, and lush cocksucking lips made her very tempting, but she wore her arrogant attitude like a second skin. A second skin that blanketed a small, tight body in faded jeans and a skimpy pink t-shirt that made it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. When his gaze lingered on her pert breasts, her nipples hardened and surprisingly, his mouth watered.

The image of her stretched out on his bed, tied down and still trying to tell him what to do flashed through his mind and he shook his head. She’d be too much work.

“I’ll be in my office when you’re ready.” He strode into his office, aware of her eyes on him as he walked, and closed the door.

Spring fever had hit full force this year and he’d been fighting his restlessness for a while. How it happened he didn’t know. Work was great. The divorce business was booming, and as one of the city’s top sharks in that pool, he was making more than enough money to make him happy.

Women had always been easy for him. He wasn’t blessed with particularly good looks, his blond hair had just enough curl to make it unruly and his brown eyes were nothing to speak of, but women still wanted him. Even more so since he’d started making the big bucks.

He could get as much sex as he wanted, in any way he wanted, and he’d enjoyed it a lot in the past. But lately, sex just didn’t seem to be enough to hold his interest, and the fighting and negotiating of high profit divorce work was becoming tedious.

At least when he was at The Dungeon he knew it was him the women wanted. When the divorcees and society ladies he met through work hit on him, he was sure they wanted the successful lawyer, not the man.

And yet, last night, for the third time in the last two weeks he’d left The Dungeon alone.

The underground sex club had been his playground for many years, and his reputation as a Dominant had grown so much that offers for companionship were never lacking. More than a couple of offers for sexual play had been made the night before, but he’d turned them all down.

If one of his regular playmates, Jan or Marie, had been there he might’ve been into it. His girls were always eager to please, and that was always fun, but he hadn’t been in the mood for someone new. Strange considering he used to thrive on the challenge of training a new submissive, or just having a new girl for one night. But, the usual sex games had become … boring.

Hell, his life had become boring. Something was missing.

A sharp rap on his door had him shaking his thoughts off, and focusing on the day ahead. “Come on in.”

Lara strode into his office, a challenging smile on her lips and a gleam in her eye. “Ready for your lessons?”

This one was definitely not boring.

Yet, something tightened in Karl’s chest when he looked at her, and he wasn’t sure if it was annoyance, amusement, or … arousal.

Lara Fox couldn’t help herself, she loved flirting too much.

She’d flirt pretty much anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. It made her feel good - made her feel strong and sexy, and in control.

Normally she didn’t initiate flirtations unless she was looking to pick someone up for a night, or hustling him at the pool table. But Graham’s boss was pretty yummy, and she was suddenly very hungry. Despite his obviously expensive suit, crisp navy blue tie and polished shoes, Karl Dawson had an edge to him.

Maybe it was the scar running through his eyebrow, or the hint of ink she saw on his neck when he turned his head and his hair shifted. Then again, it could just be the look in his dark chocolate colored eyes - the look of a man who knew his way around a woman’s body.

“I promise I won’t hurt you,” she said when he didn’t reply to her taunt about the lessons. “Just show me your laptop and we can get started.”

“Sweetheart, you couldn’t hurt me if you tried,” he said as he opened up his laptop.

Oh, you might be surprised, Lara thought with a hidden smile. But instead of saying so, she winked and played a little more. “Is that an invitation?”

Dark eyes flashing, he held out his hands, palms up, and flashed her a cocky grin. When he didn’t say anything further Lara sauntered around the desk to stand beside his chair. Their eyes met and a tingle zinged through her.
So tempting to just straddle his lap and plant a big kiss on him. Just to see his reaction. Well, and to enjoy it too, because there was no doubt in her mind that she’d enjoy kissing him.

A small smile graced her lips and she turned to the laptop, bent at the waist, and started tapping out commands without another word. The silence stretched and the tension built. Lara’s blood heated and she shifted her stance, arching her back a bit more and locking her knees as she bent over the desk.

If they’d met at another time in another place, she was sure they’d have a hell of a good time for a few hours. But he was her friend’s boss, and that could make things awkward when she wanted to walk away — and she was always the one to walk away - so it wasn’t going to happen. Which meant she had to keep her hormones in check.

The heat of him next to her as she worked was distracting. She worked faster, keeping her eyes on the computer, but she couldn’t help flirting with the fire just a little bit by shifting her weight so that her hip brushed against his shoulder, then away again.

Karl’s chair shifted back a little and she felt his eyes on the tribal tattoo on the small of her back, her ass, her legs. The desire to be touched, to connect - just for a short time — awakened inside her and she closed her eyes briefly.
This was not good. Not good at all. She needed to get out of there. Her lunch break was almost over and she had her own job to get back to.

Yeah, that was it. Work.

She gave herself a mental head slap and straightened up.

“Okay, look at this,” she called him forward. “It’s obvious you’re familiar with the Internet and email, which means you also know that it’s not always reliable. With the dedicated server you can store all your files on here and they can be accessed by anyone with the passwords.”

All business, Lara went on to explain what the passwords were, and how he could change them to his own. How he could make certain areas accessible only to him, and leave others open to Graham and anyone else he needed to share information with. She showed him the new programs she’d installed at Graham’s request, all the files they’d already transferred, and showed him how to work the system, as well as the advantages of the wireless connection.

“Got it?” she asked.

“You were right,” he nodded. “These changes will make things a bit easier. Thank you.”

She chuckled. “Try not to choke on the words.”

“Hey, it doesn’t happen often, so when it does I don’t mind admitting I was wrong.”

She perched her butt on the edge of his desk and leaned back on her hands. The posture thrust her breasts forward and the air sizzled between them as his gaze swept over her. “A little arrogant, aren’t you?”

“Not arrogant.” He grinned wickedly. “Confident.”

Her mouth ran away without her brain again. “It’s been my experience that men as confident as you are often overcompensating for something. What do you think about that?”

“I think you haven’t experienced me.”

An unladylike bark of laughter jumped from her lips. “Oh ho! Is that a challenge?”

His eyes darkened and his smile became almost predatory. “Maybe it’s a warning.”

Lara’s heart pumped faster and blood raced through her veins. Suddenly she was feeling very alive.

She pushed away from the desk and started for the door. “Too bad. I’ve always been a sucker for a challenge.” Her hand was on the doorknob when his next softly spoken words halted her in her steps.

“But a warning scares you off?”

Now that was a challenge.

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Allure Author Blog Blitz!

October Allure Author Contest

Blog with the Allure Authors during October for 30 chances to win prizes!

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