Saturday, July 07, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Reunited

From the Cleis Anthology Sheshifters, my story  is one of hope of  a purrfect reunion of two lovers in a magical place...Venice!

Purrfect in Venezia
by Myla Jackson


A woman returns to the magic of Venice’s Carnival hoping to reunite with her feline lover


Natalie halted, mouth dry, pulse racing, her mind unable to form a coherent thought but for the incredible beauty standing before her.
Long, pale blond hair hung down around her waist in cascading natural curls. Ice-blue eyes with the strange elongated irises twinkled in the party lights. The fine sheen of hair coating every inch of her supple body glistened like silk. Scraps of a dress she wore, barely covered her nipples, hugging her waist and falling to just below the juncture of her thighs, her perky tail flicking gently from beneath.
A tall, lean male with the distinct coloring of a Bengal curled his fingers around her hip. Pulling her against his body, he whispered in her pert, pointed ear.
Bella tipped her face toward him, a smile curving her lush, full lips.
Natalie’s heart plummeted, her hand rising to touch the fake cat ears mounted on a head band, tucked into her hair. How could she compete with the real thing—creatures she’d never known existed and didn’t in the world beyond the mystical bridge?
Bella’s lips straightened, her body tightening, ears rising on alert.
The male Bengal nodded toward Natalie.
Natalie tensed, her  heart hammering against her ribs. Her breath froze in her throat, waiting for the moment...
Slowly, as if in a dream, Bella turned, her clear blue gaze capturing Natalie’s.
Music faded into the background, the people dancing around her blurred and all Natalie saw was the cat-woman who’d haunted her dreams.
Bella’s hand rose to her chest, her eyes blinked closed then opened quickly as if she was afraid what she saw wasn’t real. “Natalie?”

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