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Libby Jones flipped the whiskey bottle in the air and caught it without spilling a drop, then poured a round of shots for the two men who’d pulled up a stool at the bar. She filled two mugs with beer from the tap and slapped them on the counter. “Anything else I can do for you boys?” 

“How’s about a lap dance, beautiful?” one suggested, grinning. His smile displayed two missing front teeth.
The man beside him elbowed him in the gut. “What would yer wife say, Harmon?”

Harmon shrugged. “She’d probably tell me to take out the trash.”

“Yeah, meaning you. Then she’d knock the rest of those teeth out of that stupid head of yers.”

“Shut up, Reggie.” Harmon frowned. “Got those teeth knocked out ridin’ a bull on the circuit.”

“That bull bein’ the husband of that ugly redhead in Amarillo.” Reggie slapped a hand on Harmon’s back and roared with laughter. “Wasn’t worth it, was it?” 

Libby sighed. The same old drunks with the same stories always managed to end up at her barstools. Where were all the good-looking cowboys tonight? She glanced across the crowded saloon. That’s where they were. On the dance floor, while she was serving drinks behind the bar.

The Gray Wolf twins, Mark and Luke, spun around for the umpteenth time, laughing and smiling, making every girl in the place drool. 

Even me. Libby sighed again. Back in her other life, she’d be the one dancing and someone else would be serving her drinks. But then, she’d hated her other life. No. Libby was better off tending bar and keeping to herself than playing the pampered princess in a city full of people. At least in Temptation, Texas, she could get away from the noise and crowds when she wanted.

Audrey Anderson, the owner of the Ugly Stick Saloon, laid a hand on Libby’s shoulder. “’Bout ready for your break?”

“Past ready.” Libby pulled the towel off her shoulder and tossed it on the bar. “I’ll be out back.”

“The cowboys ’round here can get pretty rowdy,” Audrey warned. “You sure you’ll be all right?”

“Better than being inside all night.” Libby burst through the back door of the saloon into the night, sucking in a deep breath of fresh air that didn’t reek of alcohol and sweaty men. 

Eight months she’d been working at the Ugly Stick Saloon. Longer than anywhere else she’d stayed over the past couple years. Eight months she’d been watching others having fun and partying, flirting with the handsome cowboys, two of whom had definitely caught her eye since she’d started working at the saloon.

Libby’s shoulders tensed. She was better off forgetting about flirting with the Gray Wolf men. A low profile had been her goal for the past two years and the only thing that kept her out of trouble. 

Still, she had yearnings…needs…a hunger for something more. 

Perhaps it was time to move on. 

The door behind her opened and closed, footsteps crunching in the gravel toward her.

She walked faster, craving the quiet time alone. Before she’d gone two yards, the footsteps caught up with her and hands slid down her shoulders.

“Hey, beautiful. Need a ride home?” A big, smelly man with bad breath and shaggy hair spun her around.

“No. I don’t need a ride.” She tried to shake his hands off, but they were like meaty vise grips, clamped down hard enough to leave bruises. 

A spike of adrenaline zipped through her bloodstream as the heat of anger built. She hated being held against her will. For the past two years, she’d lived free of constraint of any kind. She’d be damned if any man would hold her back again. “Let go of me before I hurt you.”

The man guffawed, spewing clouds of alcohol vapor in her face. “A little thang like you? Hurt me?”
She raised her knee in a quick jerk, connecting with the drunk’s private parts. 

The foul-mouthed man let go of her arms and grabbed his crotch, swearing in a high-pitched whine. “Damn, girl, I’ll get ya for that.”

“Yeah, right. Go home to your wife and sleep it off.” She backed away and walked on, dogged by the sound of multiple footsteps in the gravel now following her. When she reached a row of cars, she stopped and wheeled around to face the new threat. “What do you want?”

The two men who looked remarkably alike and dressed identically in crisp white button-down dress shirts and neatly pressed jeans, stood in front of her, hands raised in surrender and grinning. Libby’s heartbeat ratcheted up a notch as she stared at the Gray Wolf twins. The men she’d been drooling over not five minutes earlier.

“Audrey sent us out here to keep an eye on her favorite bartender,” one of them said. 

The other’s eyes twinkled. “Seems like you can take care of yourself pretty well on your own. Ol’ Pleaze won’t try messing with you again.” 

If Libby had been wondering where all the good-looking cowboys had gone, she’d found the two most qualified. “Jackpot,” she said beneath her breath. 

The Gray Wolf brothers had to be the best-looking cowboys in the area, especially the twins. Their dark-skin, long, pitch-black hair and brown-black eyes spoke to their Kiowa Indian roots and had every girl this side of the Brazos River panting. 

Libby had to admit, she’d panted a time or two over them from behind the bar. More and more lately. They’d made an effort to stop by and talk to her whenever she had a free moment, not that she encouraged them. It was nice on the ego to know she still had it, and appealed to a couple of damned good-looking men. Not that she could take advantage of it and flirt back. 

Relationships weren’t in the cards for her. The twins had impeccable reputations as gentlemen and cowboys. Where women were concerned, the Gray Wolfs made fine catches. 

She’d come outside for freedom from noise and people, not to start up a conversation with the cowboys. “I don’t need a babysitter, but thanks anyway.”

She turned and walked farther away from the building, until the thump, thump, thump of the music blaring inside the corrugated tin walls subsided some. 

The crunch of boots on the gravel indicated her tail hadn’t taken the hint.

“Shh!” She faced the men and pressed a finger to her lips. “Hear that?”

Both men shook their heads, the similarity between the twins so remarkable, Libby had never been able to tell them apart by looks, only by personality. 

Mark, the fun-loving, more outgoing one of the pair grinned. “I don’t hear a thing.”

Luke shook his head. “That’s her point, brother. She came out for quiet, not to hear us flapping our jaws. Come on.” Luke grabbed his brother’s arm. “Leave Libby alone.”

“No, I’m here to watch out for the pretty lady,” Mark insisted. “I don’t shirk my responsibility.”

“You heard her. She can take care of herself.” Luke snorted. “You just wanna flirt.”

“Damn right.” Mark grabbed Libby’s hand, swung her out and back in with his best dance move. When he had her in the crook of his arm, he whispered, “I’ve been trying to get inside her panties since she started here at the Ugly Stick.”

Libby’s pussy clenched at the thought of Mark in her panties, but she pushed the image aside and twirled out, putting distance between her and Mark. “You and every other horndog in this joint.”

“Smooth, dickhead. I’m sure she goes for those kinds of come-ons.” Luke reached out and captured Libby’s hand. “Excuse my coarse brother, he never learned manners.”

Libby laughed. Mark and Luke always had a way of lightening her dark thoughts. “You two are too much. How come you haven’t found girlfriends?”

Mark grinned. “We’ve been waiting for you, darlin’.” He took her hand again and brought it to his lips.

Luke squeezed the fingers on her other hand gently, his gaze capturing hers, dark and intense. “We were meant for the forever kind of love, not just flirting.”
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Unknown said...

I love the fact that you take the sex scenes to the next level and are not afraid to put it all out there. I have several friends who I have persuaded to come over to the "erotic side" from just the romance and "vanilla side"!! I love a juicy novel and it truly will spice up the bedroom! Thank you Myla and happy writing!!

Carol L. said...

I think it's the emotions involved and the build up to the sex. There's a big difference between porn and erotica.I love the erotica. Thanks for this opportunity Myla.
Carol L.
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Sharon Hamilton said...

Love this excerpt. You already know I love this Ugly Stick Saloon - what a name!!!

Your writing is funny, realistic and, well, just yummy! Keep it comin'.

Unknown said...

Well my husband is military and gone a lot so erotica keeps me entertained! Lol! I love the forming of new relationships and the honesty of it that comes through erotica. Myla and Delilah are my favorites!!!

Tamsyn said...

I like the heat and the passion and the more graphic details. Thanks for a great excerpt and giveaway.

Suzanne said...

I love erotica because it gets me steamy for my Mr.Dreamy! LOL! Seriously though, what girl doesn't like to fantasize about guys in this way? I've said it before and I stand by it..the sexiest part of the human anatomy is the brain...without it, you're just another pretty face!

Jen B. said...

What a prize? I have never seen a bedazzled vibrator. Too funny! I like the escapism of erotica. By day, I am a wife and mother. I am on the go trying to keep up with the crazy life. When I read, I want to read something that transports me. Erotica fills that bill because it is separate from my daily existence. jepebATverizonDOtnet

Nancy G said...

What do I like about erotic romance? I get to live vicariously through the heroines and enjoy the things I missed out on when I was younger (and thought there was something wrong with me because of the things I wanted to do). I love how times have changed and how it is reflected in what we read. And you and your sister are right there leading the charge!

Kaylyn D said...

I like it because it gives me new things to try. My hubby likes it because it helps our sex life. lol Thank you the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I love the intense scenes that tend to be in them. Then the the extra great sex scenes are a bonus. I also like a little "flavor" in my sex life. The same thing over and over can get really boring. You need some spice in life to keep it entertaining.
Melissa Porter


Jennifer Mathis said...

i like erotic romance cause its a great way to spice up my life ;)

Carol said...

I love the story line and how each player has deep feelings involved with each other. How it shows how wonderful love can be.

leann said...

I totally love the fact that 'erotic romance' isn't about just the sex. The characters actually 'feel' emotions. Not everyone is a sex god(dess). But there are fantasies & normality. :-)

leann said...

I love the fact that there is two instead of one. Sometimes a girl needs 'double' the pleasure. :-)

Yarmac said...

I like that there is a story line, and a buildup to the really erotic scenes - the sexiest organ in the body is your brain and this keeps it nimble and ready for action.

Fedora said...

I love the physical expression of the characters' emotions--and it's in the context of a great story :) Thanks for celebrating with us, Myla!! And thank you especially for writing these fabulous stories!

Candy said...

I want that prize package!! LOL! Every girl wants one of those with sparkling accents!

Estella said...

I get to live story through the characters.

Myla Jackson said...

I'm loving all your reasons for reading erotic romance and have to say HELL YEAH! It's not porn, it's characters with real issues falling in love and expressing their love physically. Glad you all like my little prize. I'm having a hard time parting with it....Love bling!

Deborah Gafford said...

What do I like most about erotic romance? Holy moly, this box is too small to tell everything I like! I love the mental visualization of the characters as they deepen their relationship(s) and the heated, thrilling and different sex situations. Few of us either have the chance, or would be bold enough to take that chance, to live out a sexual encounter we've dreamed about. Your erotic romances let me do just that safely, unashamedly and um, REPEATEDLY. Thanks for your terrific books!

Jacki C. said...

I like the fantasy of erotic romance.


Mindy said...

First I like a well written storyline where the characters seem to come alive for me. The erotic part of erotic romance is a natrual expression of the characters feelings for each other over time. What I like best about erotic romance is the ideas that I (the reader) can see in my minds' eye and expand into bedroom fantasies.

Mindy :)

westernlovin said...

What I love most about erotic romances it all of it combined. I love the drama, the romance that leads up to the event, the event its self. LOL I love that I can live vicariously through the books because I am alone. My mind can go to some amazing places with the help of an erotic romance.....

Anonymous said...

The extreme passion and learning a few things to try out on my husband :)

Unknown said...

I think it's the emotions. You get the rocking hot sex but also the emotions that lead up to the sex.

Tameka said...

Hope to win

Tameka said...

Forgot to answer the question but I love how intense the love scenes can be it's like your in the story

Myla Jackson said...

Thanks to all for commenting on the excerpt and why you love erotica. The winner of the Day 7 Prize is Yarmac! Contact me!