Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Say Anything

Today is Author's Choice. I decided to post an excerpt from SIX DEGREES OF DESPERATION. It's a fun scene where Charli is torn between her mystery lover and Connor Mason. She's received flowers from her mystery cowboy and Connor shows up wanting to see the note...See how she distracts him to avoid showing him the note...

by Myla Jackson


Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this story of approximately 19,000 words. Join Charli in her final adventure. The time has come for her to decide which cowboy she wants.

Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's first erotic adventure.

Choose or lose...

The time has come. After a fabulous night of sex, Charli thinks she's in love with Connor Mason, but he's told her that he's a one-woman-man and that he's looking for a one-man kind of woman. What's a girl to do when she's got a kind, decent and sexy hot cowboy in one hand and a mystery, masked, black-hatted cowboy with friends lurking in the shadows?

Does she go for the one she knows who will always be there for her and never let her down? Or does she opt for the adventure, excitement and possible desertion of the one who remains anonymous?

Desperate times call for...

With her decision pretty much made, Charli knows she will have to break the news to the losing team at the Cowboy Masquerade Ball. Wouldn't ya know, nothing turns out the way she plans.

Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's final foray into sexual fantasies with the cowboys of Temptation, Texas.

Warning: Mystery cowboy plays one last dirty trick on an unsuspecting, completely confused saloon girl...add a bit of anal sex, begging and noon naughtiness and you might get the sexually satisfying experience you were looking for all along...


“What’s this?” Connor touched the paper lodged between her fingers.

Charli’s heartbeat fluttered against her ribs, and she jerked her hand behind her back. “Just a note to myself.” She fought to keep from freaking out. What if he demanded to see the note? Obviously, he hadn’t sent the flowers, leaving Original Sin as the mystery sender and penman of the Love you naked note.

“Let me see.” Connor held out his hand.

Her first instinct was to shove the note into her mouth and swallow it to keep Connor from discovering her secret. But sure as she tried, she’d choke on it, he’d have to save her, she’d be embarrassed and he’d see the note all nasty and damp anyway.

Charli reached out with her empty hand and pulled Connor close. “I missed you, too.” She slipped her hand behind him, sliding it into his back jeans pocket, tugging him closer until the ridge of his fly dug into her belly. 
“Any chance your lunch break is long enough to take up where we left off?” She wiggled her hips, rubbing him suggestively.

His fingers curled around her waist and he held her still. “Don’t, unless you mean it.”

What had started as a ploy to distract his attention from the note had blown into full-fledged lust. Charli’s body burned so hot she feared her clothes would catch fire. Suddenly she couldn’t wait to get out of them and strip Connor naked. “I mean it. Can you tell me that you can wait until three or four o’clock in the morning to do this?” Charli stepped back, her fingers going to the buttons on her shirt, flicking them open one at a time. She led him toward her bedroom, her shirt falling to the floor.

“I really should get back to work. I have a lot to do…” Connor’s voice faced off as Charli’s fingers closed around the rivet at the waistband of her jeans. “Then again…” He took one step forward.

Charli’s smile broadened and she flipped free the rivet. “Fifteen minutes, that’s all I’m asking. Otherwise it’ll be the tiny hours of tomorrow morning before you see me like this again.”

Connor’s gaze rested on Charli’s fingers as she slid down the zipper, exposing the black lace thong beneath. His Adam’s apple rose and fell as he swallowed hard. “I guess I could spare fifteen minutes.” He took another step, then another.

“You have to catch me first.” Charli shimmied out of her jeans, turned and ran for the bedroom, excitement bubbling up in her veins, a giggle rising from her throat.

“Game on,” Connor said behind her, a thud of a boot hitting the floor followed by another before socked feet pounded down the hallway after her.

He caught her at the foot of her bed, lifted her in the air, kissed her soundly, and then tossed her on the mattress.

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