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Snippet Saturday - Fears

That Voodoo You Do


Alluring Tales:Night Moves Series
Using Voodoo and passionate persuasion, panther shape-shifting brothers woo an abducted heiress over to their side of the bayou.
Determined to convince a rich heiress that the land she just bought should be left undeveloped,  panther shapeshifting brothers use a little Voodoo to abduct her and bring her to the swamps to woo her to their side of the bayou.
Warning: Two hot panther shifters, one sassy heiress and the bayou will never be the same...


Catherine's knees clamped around the man's arms, her thighs pressing hard holding him down, for how long, she didn't know. Fear and adrenaline pushed through her veins as she gripped his throat and squeezed, her fingers tightening around his windpipe. "Where am I, and who the hell are you?"

"Will you let me breathe?" the man gasped, the pupils in his golden eyes dilating.

"No." Her fingers squeezed harder, a shiver of fear feathering across her skin. "I don't trust you."

The man's eyes squeezed shut.

For one frightening moment, Catherine thought she'd killed him.

Then the man beneath her erupted off the floor. One moment, she was practically thrown into the air. The next, she was lying on her back on the hardwood floor, hands pinned above her head, a lean, hard body pressing against her, rendering her immobile.

"Get off me." She bucked and twisted, unable to move more than an inch or two in any direction.

"I will, when you promise to behave." He stared, his eyes narrowing, the pupils dilating, capturing her attention.

Her struggles ceased. "I know you." 

"I don't think so."

"You're Lucien, the chauffeur. Etienne's replacement." She glanced around, taking in rough hew walls and masculine furnishings. "I've been kidnapped, haven't I?"

"Yes, I'm Lucien, but most people call me Luc.” He shook his head. “And no, I didn't kidnap you."
Catherine snorted. "Don't play dumb with me. It's kidnapping if I didn't ask to be brought here, and I didn't."

"Think again." He leaned over her, his mouth descending toward hers.

Startled by his nearness, Catherine's lips parted, her breath rising in a suspended gasp.

At the last moment, he turned his head and ducked low, his breath stirring the tendrils of hair below her ear. "Think. What was the last thing I asked you?"

She shook her head, her mind reeling from sudden desire, her lips tingling from an almost-kiss. "I d-don't remember."

"Then let me remind you." While one hand held her wrists, the thumb on his other hand stroked her chin. "I asked, Where to? And you said..." He tipped his head, his brows rising.

Memory of her exact words flooded through her mind. "An island out in the middle of nowhere." Her gaze darted from side to side. "Where am I?"

"You're on an island." He grinned.

"A what?" Catherine bucked beneath him. "I don't believe you."

"See for yourself." He leaped to his feet and yanked her up from the floor all in one fluid motion.

Caught off balance, she fell against him. His arm circled her waist, steadying her. The warmth of his hand filtering through the thin chiffon layers of her dress. Heat pooled deep in her belly, burning a path even lower. How long had it been since she'd be as sexually stirred? And he was a stranger. A dangerous one, at that. Catherine shoved at his hand. "I don't need you to hold me up and I don't believe we are on an island."

He waved toward the bedroom door. "See for yourself."

Free from his hold, Catherine raced for the front door, bursting through, and would have pitched off the edge of the porch and out into the water, if Lucien hadn't grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against him.

Dark water surrounded them with little hummocks of land dotting the surface where trees and underbrush clung to the soil in a tangle of roots.

"Are you crazy? Where are we? A bayou or something?" Her throat clenching tightly, she pounded his chest.

"Take me home immediately."

"I'll take you home...just not yet." He let go.
Catherine staggered backward, careful not to fall in. She stared across the landscape at cypress trees so tall their branches wove a canopy, allowing only small patches of sunshine to illuminate the inky blackness of the still water. "You live here? Alone?"

"My brother and I live here. And we're not alone. Many other creatures live in the bayou."

She huffed. "Creatures, yeah, I can believe that. What about other humans?"

He shrugged. "Not many."

Trepidation growing, she stared at the black water surround the island. "How do you get here?"

"By boat."

Her pulse racing, she sucked in a deep breath and let it out slow and steady. "You really did bring me somewhere nobody could find me." A shiver shook her body, even as the heat and humidity pressed close. She wrapped her arms around herself. "Take me home, please."

"I will," he said. "Tomorrow. I promise."

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