Saturday, October 22, 2011


Body Snatchers
by Myla Jackson


Elite Paranormal Investigative Agent Reggie Gallagher hates vampires. After thirteen beautiful women are kidnapped off the streets of Houston, Reggie and her sister set themselves up as bait to catch the kidnappers. The mission goes sour, her sister vanishes and Reggie is surrounded by a rabid pack of vampires only to be rescued by the most desirable vam she’s ever encountered. Captivated by his incredible magnetism, Reggie can’t deny her body’s response to Yuri’s nearness. When the sexy beast insists on providing protection and assistance in finding the missing women, Reggie can’t refuse.

After the woman he loved turned Yuri Kovac into a vampire four hundred years ago, he swore he’d never trust another woman with his heart. Then he saves a sensuous hellcat from a band of vicious vampires only to find himself mesmerized by her curvaceous body, hot temper and fierce love for her family. Together, Yuri and Reggie seek Reggie’s missing sister and face down the evil behind the disappearances while fighting their growing attraction for each other.


The woman beside him lay as still as death, her peaches-and-cream skin cool to his touch. He skimmed his fingers over a breast and up to the base of her throat where her pulse beat the strongest. With a deep breath, he leaned into her, his lips pulling back as his teeth extended.

How easy it would be to sink into her jugular and suck the life-giving blood from her body. To give back in return and make her immortal to stand beside him for eternity.

He skimmed the long incisors across her neck, pressing lightly without breaking the skin.

A surge of desire rolled over him like waves crashing against the shore. Struggling against instinct, he proceeded down the base of her throat and across her collarbone to the injured shoulder. He sniffed at the blood still oozing from the wound, like a thick, rich wine to be sipped.

He tasted the nectar, savoring the flavor of her, his body responding to her naked breasts beneath his chin, within easy reach of his mouth. Each pearly mound jutting upward, begging him to take them into his mouth.
She stirred beneath him, her back arching upward, a breast pressing against his chin.

Turning his face just a little, he captured the nipple between his teeth, letting go immediately. He realized his mistake at once. If he didn’t get back to the task at hand, he’d be lost in his own uncontrollable lust.

He skimmed his tongue over the ragged edges of the exit wound until the shattered flesh grew together, the wound fading with each caress. Once the wound in front had disappeared, he turned her onto her stomach, putting those luscious breasts beneath her and out of reach of his roving lips and baser instincts. Then, with long, sure strokes, he laved the wound on her back, the scar shrinking until it disappeared.

She stirred in his grasp, groaning and pushing against the bed.

The taste of her blood an aphrodisiac to his senses, Yuri closed his eyes as the red-haired goddess rolled to her back.

He inhaled and let out a long breath, schooling himself to a calm he didn’t feel. Yet he fought a losing battle against his body. He had to complete the work and get her out of his bed before he did something they would both regret. He opened his eyes and stared only at fading traces of the wound, refusing to note the peachy tips of her breasts now pebbled into tight beads.

With one final stroke, the mark completely disappeared and he leaned back to inspect his work. The injury wouldn’t leave a scar to mar the perfection of her skin.

If he were a gentleman, he’d get off the bed and walk away. He even made a move to do just that.

She shifted beneath him, her hands rising up his torso to clasp around his neck, pulling him closer until his chest rested against her full, ripe breasts.

Yuri froze, his arms braced on either side of her shoulders, his mouth hovering over hers.

Her breath blew softly against his lips, the tangy scent of mint filling his senses.

Move away, he willed his body. But the body wasn’t going anywhere. Nestled against the soft curves, he couldn’t tear himself away.

Her leg curved around the back of his calf, and she pressed her crotch to his thigh. “Love me,” she whispered, her eyes closed, her body caught in a lusty dream. She probably didn’t know who she was or what she was doing, only that she needed to be loved.

Yuri wondered who she was dreaming of. Did she have a boyfriend or a husband lurking in her thoughts and somewhere in Houston? With a quick glance down at her hand, he heaved a sigh. No ring. Good. Then who was she thinking of in her lust-filled trance?

He knew the intensity of lust, having experienced it when he was turned so long ago by the venomous vampire he thought he cared for. Had he known the consequences of making love to her and letting his passion take over, he might have chosen differently. But Katarina hadn’t given him the choice. She’d fooled him into drinking her blood, turning him into a vampire just like her. When she’d taken what she wanted, she left without a trace. No goodbyes, no false declarations of love.

Swearing never to trick an innocent, Yuri knew he couldn’t make love to this woman. He had to be very careful. Caught up in lust, he might forget himself and turn her against her will. 

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