Saturday, October 29, 2011


by Myla Jackson
Night shift emergency room nurse, Julie Taylor is on the verge of a great love affair and steamy sex after a really long dry spell. Her soon-to-be lover, Roger, is everything a girl could wish for. Tough cop, sexy as hell man and really nice guy, he’s her dream come true. But with both of them working wacky shifts, they never find time to be together and her long dry spell is only getting longer. Just when they schedule a night off together, the unthinkable happens. Julie is attacked by a vampire and turned into one of the living dead. With her life over, she’s still unwilling to end her sex life. But how do you tell your boyfriend you’re dead and one of the bad guys he’s sworn to destroy?
            Roger Decker dared to love again after his lying, cheating ex-wife fooled around on him left him for another guy. The incredibly honest, sweet and sexy Julie is the only woman who’s been able to sneak beneath his armor and resuscitate his heart. Now, when he finally has the time off to tell her how he feels, weird things happen. Strange creatures appear in the night, targeting his newfound love. Does his sweet and loveable Julie have a dark side? Is she like every other woman and lying to him? And why does she totally avoid him during the daytime?

Before Chase could round the car, Roger took off at a dead run toward the alley, hugging the buildings along the sidewalk. Adrenaline packed his veins, shooting blood to his brain, clearing his hearing, vision and thinking processes to hone in on his quarry. This was the reason he loved his job. Not the nights of boring patrols, hauling in drunks or cleaning up prostitutes.

No, he loved going after the bad guys and bringing them down. Face it. He was a thrill junkie. The night shift was the best place to find them.

When he reached the alley, he stood with his back to the wall and waited for Chase to catch up. With a nod toward his partner, he stepped into the dark passage. A shadow moved beside a dumpster. It appeared to be a man. A man carrying another person. A woman.

“Halt! Or I’ll shoot!”

A wicked rumble erupted from the shadows and built into the sound of laughter, a deep masculine laugh. The shadow straightened, the laughter stopped and piercing red eyes turned toward Roger. “Toy cops.”

“Let her go.” Roger called out.

“By all means.” The stranger dropped the body he was holding. It fell to the pavement with a dull whomp
“Now what? Gonna arrest me?”

“Step to the side and lay face to the ground.”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t like to play by the rules.”

Before Roger could react, the man leapt the six yards between them in one bound.

His finger squeezed on the trigger and his Glock erupted into the man’s belly.

The man only laughed, seized Roger’s weapon and slung it to the side.

Chase unloaded six rounds in rapid succession into the man’s chest.

Other than jerking at the impact, the bullets did nothing but make holes through his body.

He lifted Roger by the front of his uniform and slung him ten feet across the pavement. He landed in the street on his back, all the wind knocked from his lungs, his head pounding hard against the asphalt.

Chase landed beside him.

The stranger stared down at them, his white-blond hair standing up straight in ragged spikes. A smile crept across his face. “I just stopped for a snack. Thanks for the entertainment.” Then the man was gone so fast Roger had to blink to make sure his vision wasn’t impaired by the fall.

Recovering first, Roger sucked air into his lungs in a desperate gasp. “Fuck! What was that?”

When Chase didn’t answer right away, Roger rolled over to check him out. “You all right, buddy?”

His partner pressed a hand to his head. “Did you get the number of that truck that hit me?”

“No shit. I unloaded on him and the bullets didn’t even faze him.” Roger stared into the darkness.

“That was one scary son of a bitch.”

“Yeah. I’m beginning to rethink my career choice.”


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