Monday, April 25, 2011

SEX ED and MOONSTRUCK $75 in Gift Certificates GIVEAWAY!

SEX ED and MOONSTRUCK are available at:

Delilah and I would appreciate help getting the word out. What we’d love you to do for us is:
1) Tag, Star, and “Like” wherever you buy the books!
2) Review it! Please, please, please!
3) Post the cover/blurb on your blog
(Ask! One of us will send you a jpeg!)
4) Most importantly, BUY them!

If you’re the competitive sort, we’re running a contest and will offer two $25 gift certificates to two lucky winners for the MOONSTRUCK blurbs and links and a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner for pimping SEX ED.

What you have to do is by APRIL 30TH send us a link to where you talked about the book, posted a review, posted the cover and the blurb. And you can enter multiple times, so if you are smart, send me a link for each individual posting to this address: Email Myla!

Winners will be announced in Myla's and Delilah's May Newsletters!


PJ Jones said...

Excellent idea to try self-pubbing and keeping a bigger share of royalties. Liked both books on my FB page and will download Moonstruck. I love Jimmy Thomas covers and both of your work. PJ

Myla Jackson said...

Thanks PJ! Glad you liked the books. we love Jimmy too! What a hotty! Would love it if you'd leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Thanks!