Saturday, April 23, 2011

Desiree Holt's 100th release!

This month Desiree Holt celebrates her 100th release with Downstroke from Ellora’s Cave. Downstroke is the story of lover reunited after twenty years trying to bridge a gulf of bitterness while outwitting a killer. To help her celebrate I’m giving you a taste of one of her other books. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing at the end of the month for an Acer netbook.

The Blurb for Downstroke

It’s been twenty years since Charley Roper and Dallas Creed parted with great bitterness. In that time she’s made a career for herself with the FBI and private security and he’s been a country rock music icon…tumbled to the bottom and risen again. Now someone’s trying to kill him and Morgan Creed wants Charley to protect his brother and find out who’s after him. When they meet again after all this time it’s obvious the chemistry is still there, stronger than ever. They’re older but are they wiser? Caught up in the bitter wash of memories and the tension of a killer in stalking mode, Charley and Dallas begin a roller coaster ride that is emotional erotic and suspenseful.  Is their love strong enough after twenty years to pull them back together?

Here's a blurb and excerpt for another of Desiree's books Rodeo Heat to get you excited about her 100th release:

It could have been the animalistic heat of the rodeo, or the pin with special powers that the old woman had all but forced her to buy. But whatever it was, within seconds of meeting rodeo rider Ben Lovell, Grace Delany safe world crumbled in a voluptuous explosion of lust. Every night was something new. From the handcuffs to the intriguing sex toys to the taking of her virgin ass, , Grace gave in to it all, relishing her body’s. As Ben Lowell led her from one earth-shattering climax to another, as her body softened and opened to him, her juices lubricating the way, all she could do was hang on for dear life and follow his lead. But when it was over, could she really walk away from the man who had taken her on an outrageous journey of sexual self-discovery where there were no limits or boundaries?.


He moved his mouth over her body as if drawing a map with it, tasting every nook and crevice, seeking her pleasure spots and dwelling a long time on them. His open-mouthed kisses on her heated skin sent shafts of electricity through her, igniting nerves already snapping and firing.

His cock pressed against the soft skin of her inner thigh and her hands suddenly itched to touch it and hold it. Pulling Ben’s head up from its drifting path down to her pussy, she smiled at him. “Stop.”

His eyebrows raised. “Stop? Am I doing something wrong? Something you don’t like? Just tell me—”

“No. You’re doing everything just right. But I want to play too.” She pushed at his shoulders.

“And just what is it you want to do?” he asked, his eyes bright with curiosity as he rolled onto his back.


Wondering where this spurt of boldness had come from, she shifted onto her knees next to him, her gaze riveted to his erection which pointed directly at her. Tentatively she reached out a finger to touch the bead of fluid sitting like a viscous marble atop the slit. Rubbing it back and forth along the velvet surface, she watched the thick stalk bob under her touch and saw Ben’s thigh muscles tighten.

She hadn’t done this since Joe’s death. The few men she’d had sex with hadn’t appealed to her this way at all. Sometimes she wondered if they really appealed to her in any way. Worried that maybe she just wasn’t a sexual person.

No. Wait. Then she wouldn’t be where she was doing what she was. Right?

Inquisitively, she bent her head and licked the surface of the purple head with the tip of her tongue, swiping it back and forth two or three times, loving the slightly salty taste of the fluid and the sensation of the soft skin against her tongue. Her fingers barely wrapped around the thick length of him but she felt the steel beneath the supple covering. She unclasped him and ran one finger the length of the heavy vein, feeling the blood pulsing through it.

“Am I doing this right?” she asked, her voice tremulous, unable to look at him as she waited for his answer.

“Are you kidding?” Ben asked in a strangled voice, one large hand coming up to squeeze her buttocks. “I think you’re trying to torture me.”

Grace’s laugh held just a hint of uncertainty. “Just finding out what you feel like. How you feel.”

His hand moved in slow strokes on the cheek of her ass. “Surely this isn’t the first one you’ve ever seen or felt,” he joked.

“Believe it or not, the first in bright light. At least for longer than I want to remember.”

Because the others didn’t bear looking at. Except for Ben.

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Harlie Williams said...

Congrats Des. Just read the review from NOR for Downstroke. Like their was any doubt that the reviewer wouldn't love it.

Desiree Holt said...

Hi! Huge thanks to Myla for hosting me today and a special wave to Harlie for her great comment and for also hosting me the other day. you ladies rock.

booklover0226 said...

Congratulation on your major accomplishment, Desiree.

I look forward in reading more of your works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Mai said...

Huge congrats Desiree!! Great review on your 100 hon!!!

Desiree Holt said...

Hey Tracey and Mai! Thanks so much for coming by today. BYTW, I am hard at work on another book with the music industry as the background, this one about a bass player with a rock band who meets the woman of his dreams...only he doesn't know who she is,.

Cathy M said...

I adore that line, "voluptuous explosion of lust." And Rodeo Heat is so deserving of that Capa Award for BDSM, it is one of my favorite reads.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

JeanMP said...

Awesome accomplishment. Loved the blurb for this book. Looking forward to many more great stories from you.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Desiree Holt said...

Thanks, Jean and Cathy. I love having you along on this blog tour.

Desiree Holt said...

Hey guys, running out for a family dinner. Thanks for coming by. Today's winner is...Mai! Email me at and put winner in the subject line. And thanks sop very much to the fabulous Myla Jackson for hosting me today. You rock.