Sunday, May 22, 2011

When your youngest Graduates High School

I've been on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs for the past couple of months. Two nights ago, youngest child child graduated from High School. I cried and cried when my first two left home. I thought I'd be a complete basket-case when my last one graduated. So how did I handle it? I volunteered to help with Project Graduation and it ballooned and exploded on me, consuming all my time.

Project Graduation is a big lock-in the night of graduation with a primary goal of keeping the kids off the street and safe so that they don't pull some of the stunts we did as graduates, like drinking, driving and dying. I have to admit, all that volunteering kept me so busy I didn't have time to get all teary-eyed or sad. That and it poured down rain as we got to graduation and left didn't make for a sad situation, just a wet one.

All in all, I survived her graduation and got to have fun with the seniors at the party. I'll save the waterworks for when she actually moves into her dorm.

Anyone else have a senior graduation about now? How are you handling it?

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