Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snippet Saturday - Belong to the City

Big City? How's New York City for big?
by Myla Jackson


As punishment for using magic unwisely, Catherine Wein, ex-witch and totally cursed, is doomed to spend each year in a different woman's life. It's New Year's Eve and at the stroke of midnight she'll make the switch to another host's life. Catherine's determined to grab for as much happiness as she can with her remaining hours in Kindra Merlot's body. Enter sexy cop, Sam Cade. 

Dumped by his girlfriend right after Christmas, Sam isn't in the mood to celebrate until he sees the willowy beauty, Kindra. Her sensuality and sexual aggressiveness revives his lagging spirits. Is she the one for him or is she another lying, cheating woman like his ex? Will he have more than tonight to find out?
The song was ripe for couples to do some serious belly-rubbin’ and a dozen or more couples headed for the dance floor and to the music.

Damn. New Year’s Eve and alone.

“Hey, I got one for you.” BJ handed him a glass of champagne and pointed across the floor at a woman with long, golden blonde hair and a shimmering silver dress that hugged every curve of her body. He glanced around. “Where’s mine?”

Sam missed BJ’s question, his gaze captivated by the woman standing with a glass of champagne, a sad smile playing around her lips. Something about her pale blue eyes and the way she stared with longing at the couples dancing amid soft blinking lights called out to him. Despite his words to the contrary, Sam wanted to meet the woman. His feet shifted and he stepped out.

BJ’s hand smacked him in the arm. “Did I do right by you, buddy?”

Boy, did he. No use letting him in on the news. BJ would just get a big head, besides, Sam wasn’t sure he should move on his instincts to go meet the woman. “I guess she’s all right.”

“Now, where’s mine? I’m anxious to meet the future Mrs. Drake.”

Sam gave his friend an exasperated look. “Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?”

“I never date a woman I’m not willing to marry.” BJ stared around the room. “So where is she?”

A woman with a shock of bright red curls joined the blonde. Sam squelched the chuckle rising in his chest. Perfect. “She’s next to the blonde. Say hello to the future Mrs. Drake.”

“Hey, I gave you a sex goddess and you give me Little Orphan Annie?”

“BJ Drake, I’ve never known you to pass on a challenge. Are you telling me you aren’t going to give my choice for you a chance?”

BJ scowled. “Some friend you are.” He grabbed another glass of champagne from a passing caterer. “Come on, let’s go meet our futures.”

Now that he was headed across the floor to meet the blonde, Sam wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. What would he say? He’d been out of the dating scene for the most part, having been in a steady relationship for the past year and a half. His gut clenched and butterflies invaded. Storming a crack house wasn’t nearly as nerve-racking as chatting up a strange woman who looked like a supermodel.

Since this was BJ’s idea, Sam couldn’t back out now. Not with BJ headed the same way. Tamping down his nerves, he attacked the task as if he were about to face a crime boss head-on.

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