Saturday, July 27, 2013

SNIPPET SATURDAY - Author's Choice

Covert Cowboys Book #2
by Elle James aka Myla Jackson


A kidnapping offers an FBI agent a second chance at redemption in Elle James's Covert Cowboys, Inc. miniseries.
After witnessing the murder of his partner, former FBI agent Zach Adams suffers the weight of his own guilt. An unexpected assignment hunting down the members of the Texas gang responsible—who have kidnapped a local woman—could offer long-awaited revenge.

Zach understands the danger of tracking the cartel, but it's his desire for the sister of the missing person that he fails to anticipate. Determined to find her twin, Jacie Kosart is as strong-willed as she is alluring. But when Zach's ruthless search for the kidnappers lands Jacie in the crosshairs of deadly enemies, Zach realizes he'll risk everything to keep her alive…even if it means confronting the demons of his own past.


“Yeah, but not only are they putting themselves and the horses in danger, they’re putting the two of us at risk as well.” Jacie hesitated. “Come to think of it, maybe we should head back while there’s still enough light to climb the trail out of the canyon.”

Tracie sighed. “I was hoping you’d say that. I don’t want you to get hurt out here.”

“Me? I was more concerned about you. You haven’t been in saddle much since you joined the FBI.”

“You’re right, of course.” She smiled at Jacie. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Agreed. Let them be stupid. We don’t have to be.” Jacie turned her horse back the way they’d come and had taken the lead when the sharp report of gunfire echoed off the canyon walls.

“What the hell?” Jacie’s horse spun beneath her and it was all she could do to keep her balance.

Aramis reared. Tracie planted her feet hard in the stirrups and leaned forward, holding on until the gelding dropped to all four hooves.

More gunfire ensued followed by the pounding of hooves, the sound growing louder as it neared them.
Tracie yelled, “Go, Jacie. Get out of the canyon!”

Jacie didn’t hesitate, nor did her horse. She dug her heals into D’Artagnan’s flanks, sending him flying along the trail. She headed back the way they’d come, her horse skimming over the rocky ground, his head stretched forward, nostrils flared.

Before they’d gone a hundred yards, Rocky, the gelding Mr. Jones had been riding, raced past them, eyes wide, sweat lathered on both sides, sporting an empty saddle, no Mr. Jones. Rocky hit the trailhead leading out of the canyon, scrambling up the slope.

Jacie dared to glance over her shoulder.

Mr. Smith emerged from the fork in the canyon trail, yelling at Ginger, kicking her hard. Both leaned forward, racing for their lives.

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