Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snippet Saturday - Sex, Lies & Vampire Hunters

Sex, Lies & Vampire Hunters


Night shift emergency room nurse, Julie Taylor is on the verge of a great love affair and steamy sex after a really long dry spell. Her soon-to-be lover, Roger, is everything a girl could wish for. Tough cop, sexy as hell man and really nice guy, he’s her dream come true. But with both of them working wacky shifts, they never find time to be together and her long dry spell is only getting longer. Just when they schedule a night off together, the unthinkable happens. Julie is attacked by a vampire and turned into one of the living dead. With her life over, she’s still unwilling to end her sex life. But how do you tell your boyfriend you’re dead and one of the bad guys he’s sworn to destroy?

Roger Decker dared to love again after his lying, cheating ex-wife fooled around on him left him for another guy. The incredibly honest, sweet and sexy Julie is the only woman who’s been able to sneak beneath his armor and resuscitate his heart. Now, when he finally has the time off to tell her how he feels, weird things happen. Strange creatures appear in the night, targeting his newfound love. He's beginning to think his sweet and loveable Julie has a dark side. Could she be like every other woman he's dated, and lying to him? And why does she totally avoid him during the daytime?


The hard ridge of his cock rocked against her belly. “Your clothes are much more accessible to play.” He pushed his hands beneath the elastic waistband of her scrubs and burrowed into the silky bikini underwear to the furry mound at the juncture of her thighs. 

“I can’t believe we’re doing this in a janitor’s closet.” Despite her words, her legs spread to give him more maneuvering room. 

“I’d rather have you in my bed.” With his index finger, he parted the thick folds and stroked the cleft between. 

Julie moaned, her back arching, pressing her into his hand. “What if someone comes?” she gasped. 

“What if you come?” He paused, his fingers cupping her sex lightly. “Do you want me to stop?” 

“Are you kidding?” She grabbed his arm and pushed him deeper. “If you stop now, I’ll die.” 

He needed no further encouragement. Like a mechanic, he dipped his finger in to test how slick and lubricated she was. “God, you’re wet.” He dragged creamy juices up to that sensitive nub and flicked it until Julie leaned into him, gasping. Raw need filled her, nerves jumping with every stroke, until she was spiraling up and over the edge, her pelvis jerking her release. Then she pressed her forehead to his chest. “Oh, God.” With a long deep breath, she blew out in a sharp stream against his neck. “Now, your turn.” 

She was fumbling with his belt buckle when the door handle jerked.

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