Saturday, June 08, 2013

Snippet Saturday: Every Rose Has it's Thorn

Fit to Be Tied


Stipulations of his grandfather's will demands Richard Rayburn marry by his twenty-fifth birthday or he'll lose a valuable piece of land. On the eve of his birthday, his fiancé breaks his engagement and Richard finds himself in a bit of tight situation. Where will he find a bride in less than one day?

Desperate enough to steal to put food on her table, the widow Julia Blackmon, assumes the disguise of the Black Bandit to strike fear in the heart of her potential victims. But her first and only victim turns the tables and captures her! After a night held hostage, tied to his bed, Julia discovers the whore within herself and talents no cowboy should be without in her captor, Richard Rayburn. 

When the morning of Richard's twenty-fifth birthday arrives, he's made his decision to marry the bandit. Richard offers her an ultimatum. Marry him or go to jail. What is a desperate widow to do?

Richard kept an outward appearance of calm, awaiting the opportunity to reap revenge on this thief.
Once he’d been divested of his watch and ring, Richard attempted once again to turn.

“Not so fast.” The cold steel pressed against his temple. “I’m going to back away slowly. If you so much as sneeze, I’ll shoot you so fast you won’t know what hit you.

The sound of boots crunched against the hard packed dirt and loose gravel. A horse pawed the earth a few feet away.

When he heard the squeak of saddle leather, Richard scooped a handful of dirt, rolled to the side and sprang toward the horse and the thief, tossing the dirt into the horse’s eyes.

The sleek black stallion reared into the air, dumping its rider to the ground. The thief lay still in the shadows cast by the moon on the trees.

Richard stood, brushed the dust from his good pants and strode toward the inert body. Had the fall killed the thief?

The pistol lay to the side a yard from the black gloved hand. The man’s slight form led Richard to believe him but a boy or a very small man, though difficult to tell with his face covered by a black mask and his hat tightly tied beneath his chin. So tightly it hadn’t flown off in the fall.

“Let’s see who the Black Bandit is.” Richard bent over the still form and removed the hat. Glossy dark hair caught in the strap and pulled loose from a leather band. A great deal of ebony hair. More than fashionable for a man. More appropriate for a woman.

As he lifted the edge of the black mask hiding the bandit’s face, his heart beat like thunder inside his chest and his hands shook. Beneath the black hat and mask lay the face of an angel.

The angel he’d met in the garden at Mrs. Clancy’s matching-making ball.

Miss Julia Blackmon.

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