Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snippet Saturday - Try a Little Tenderness

by Myla Jackson


Nominated for a CAPA Award for Best Historical Erotic Romance
For a hot and sexy historical western and menage, check it out!

Two lonely miners in the Colorado Gold Rush and one tempting widow-turned-thief get tied in knots over each other
When what feels right could get a man killed… 

Zach Braun struggles to resist his unnatural desire for his claim partner, Jake. The two rugged miners have been alone in the mountains for months, with no women to relieve them. Exhilarated by the discovery of gold, they give in to their lust and discover sexual delights in each other. 

A witness to seduction…
Widow, Honor Whitaker, is on the run from her Indian captor, when she stumbles upon two men whose sexual activities intrigue her and make her want to join. Determined to retain her independence she takes what she needs from a cabin and runs. 

When a thief attempts to steal their gold, Zach and Jake aren't quite sure what to do with her, so they tie her up. They are shocked to discover their thief witnessed their sexual antics and that she was aroused by what she saw. 

Together the three learn to let go of social mores and to accept what feels good as right, not the devil's work. But their newfound delight in each other might come to an end when a savage comes to claim what is his.

“Stop that. I can’t think.” He slapped her hand away. “I’m not a dandy all full of flowery words and gentle ways. I haven’t been around a real lady since my mother died a long time ago. The only women I’ve been with have been the two-bit whores in mining towns and I haven’t wanted any of them to share their lives with me. But…” He sighed. “I’m making a mess of this, ain’t I?”

She clasped his face between her hands. “So far you’ve swept me off my feet, Angry Buffalo.” She kissed his lips, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

“I want you to stay with me, Honor.” He pressed a finger to her lips to keep her from talking. If he didn’t get it all out, he was afraid she’d say no before he could say enough to convince her to stay. “I would never treat you badly. I won’t tie you up anymore, if you don’t want me to. I’ll let you leave if it’s really what you want. I just know that I could fall in love with you, if you’d give me half a chance.”

He dragged in a deep breath, his heart squeezing so tight he was sure it would break into a million pieces. “There. That’s about it. What do you say?” He closed his eyes, for the first time in his life afraid. Afraid he’d lose her when he’d only just found her. Afraid she couldn’t love a lonely mountain man, high in the Rockies away from God and everybody.

Her hand cupped his chin and warm soft lips pressed against his eyelids. “Look at me, Zach.”

His cock twitched inside her, full, erect and ready for action. But everything hinged on her answer. His future depended on what the widow had to say.

“We barely know each other,” she said, her mouth pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose, her breasts rubbing against his chest.

“We have all our lives to work on that.” He wanted to take each nipple into his mouth and tongue them until they beaded into shiny little pebbles.

“What about my independence?”

He spread his arm wide. “You’re free to go whenever you want. All I ask is that you give us a chance.”

She smiled, her heels pressing into his ass. “I’ll need a new dress.”

Hope surged through him. “I’ll get you five.”

“What about Jake? He needs a woman.”

“I’ll get him one.” He hugged her to him. “Just not you. I love Jake, but I want you for me.”

Honor pushed him far enough away to look down into his eyes. “What if I want Jake to join us?” She raised her brows, waiting for his response.

Zach’s body quickened, his dick throbbing at the thought of another threesome. “Whatever you desire. As long as I’m somewhere in there.”

“Oh, you will be. I want you where you are now.” She tightened her legs, lifting herself up to the end of his shaft and then slid down into the water, slowly taking him back into her fully. “I like this. Can we do this often?”

“As often as you like. Just stay with me, Little Thief.” He held her close, his face buried in her neck, nibbling at the vein pulsing beneath her skin.

“I’m not the thief here,” she said. “I never took a thing. It’s you who have stolen from me.”

He looked up into her shining eyes. “And what have I stolen?”

“My heart.” She kissed him and whispered in his ear, “I’ll stay.”

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