Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snippet Saturday - Crawling Back to You

by Myla Jackson
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Stipulations of his grandfather’s will demands Richard Rayburn marry by his twenty-fifth birthday or he’ll lose a valuable piece of land. On the eve of his birthday, his fiancĂ© breaks his engagement and Richard finds himself in a bit of tight situation. Where will he find a bride in less than one day?

Desperate enough to steal to put food on her table, the widow Julia Blackmon, assumes the disguise of the Black Bandit to strike fear in the heart of her potential victims. But her first and only victim turns the tables and captures her! After a night held hostage, tied to his bed, Julia discovers the whore within herself and talents no cowboy should be without in her captor, Richard Rayburn.

When the morning of Richard’s twenty-fifth birthday arrives, he’s made his decision to marry the bandit. Richard offers her an ultimatum. Marry him or go to jail.  What is a desperate widow to do?

Richard had taken one step down when a hushed murmur spread from the back of the crowd. The murmur grew into loud applause and cheers.

Richard glanced up, afraid to believe his own eyes.

Julia Blackmon strode down the street toward him, head held high, the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. Dressed in an old-fashioned white gown and carrying a bouquet of wildflowers, she hurried toward him, followed by an old woman.

As she neared the crowd, it parted, making way for the bride.

Richard descended the stone steps and held out his hand.

She took it in hers, a sad smile quirking the corners of her mouth. “I know they caught the Black Bandit.”

“My grandfather’s will was a hoax,” Richard blurted.

“We don’t have to get married, do we?” She stared up into his eyes, waiting for his response.

“No we don’t.” Richard glanced at the crowd, at the preacher and his brother and returned his gaze to her. “But since we’re here…will you marry me?” He held his breath for the longest time, until he felt he’d pass out in front of the woman he knew he could love, given half a chance.

Her gaze locked with his and, for a long moment, she didn’t utter a word. Then the sweetest word he’d ever heard came from her lips. “Yes.”

All the air in his chest rushed out and a grin spread across his face. “Let’s go inside.” He held his elbow out for her to take, more happiness radiating throughout his being than he ever thought possible.

“No.” She pulled back on his arm, the smile gone from her face.

“No?” Had he heard her wrong? Had she not said yes? All his hopes crashed into the pit of his empty belly. Damn the woman and damn himself!

Then her face lit in a blinding grin. “The church is too small to accommodate all these fine people. Can’t we get married right here in the sunshine, in front of God and the good citizens of Mule Ear?”

For the second time in a minute, he let out a long sigh of relief. “Julia Blackmon, I don’t care if we get married locked up in the jailhouse, as long as you hurry it up and say I do.”

Her smile turned mischievous, “That, cowboy, can be arranged.” She leaned close and whispered in his ear. “But think of all the fun you’d be missing on the wedding night if we spent it in jail.”

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