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Snippet Saturday - Winter

I love the holidays and winter. And I loved writing this story about a woman who wanted to be seen more as more than just a colleague. She decides to make a change...and boy does she do it in a big way! When I posted this, the ebook was on sale for $1.99 on Amazon! Check and see if it still  is...

Alluring Tales: Hot Holiday Nights
Billboard Babe
by Myla Jackson


Brilliant advertising executive Angie Jordan (AJ) can capture the attention of the nation with her stellar advertising campaigns but she can't garner any notice from her sexy co-worker, Dan Adams. When her photographer friend convinces her she could launch her own campaign to win him over, she decides to do the wild thing and goes along with the idea. Killing two birds with one stone, she advertises the agency and hopes to get Daniel Adams's attention at the same time. 

Workaholic Dan Adams likes advertising and loves when he sees a good idea. When he stares out his window at the mystery woman, he has to know her. He corners co-worker AJ for information, never suspecting the sexy woman on the billboard is none other than his office mate. The mystery woman haunts him and every other male in the country. But AJ isn't talking and the mystery woman remains anonymous. That night, the mystery woman shows up in his office clad in her sexy red dress and shows him what he's been missing as a workaholic.


Vince Mueller stepped out of his office two doors down from Daniel's. "Dan, my man. I see you and A.J. have been hard at work. I love the new campaign. It's freakin' fantastic." He clapped his hand against Daniel's back, grinning ear to ear. "Old Westerfield will be giving you two a raise by the end of the week." He pulled Daniel close. "What I want to know is where'd you find her? I want her full statistics and a phone number to go with it. Better yet, can you fit her in my Christmas stocking?"

Daniel sniffed his friend's breath. "Did you pull another all-nighter? Are you still high? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me. You and A.J. struck gold on this one. Mark my words. I'm just jealous I didn't find her first."

"Find who?" Daniel continued on to his office and tossed his briefcase onto his desk.

With a frown, Vince followed Daniel into the dark office and spotted A.J. standing in the corner by the windows. "Oh, there you are. Daniel's been playing dumb with me. What's the scoop?"

A.J. blinked, her gaze shooting from Daniel back to Vince like a shiny orb in a pinball machine.

Daniel's eyes narrowed. "What's Vince talking about?" Had she done something without running it by him first?

Her rosy cheeks screamed guilt and she reached up to push her glasses back up her nose. That was the thing Daniel liked most about A.J. She was a terrible liar, and she knew it. Okay, so that wasn't all he liked about A.J. The trim curve of her hips encased in pencil straight skirts, the full swell of her breasts beneath her business suit jackets and the long smooth line of her neck had him panting in sales meetings.

But he'd made a rule a long time ago never to mix business with pleasure. Although, on more than one occasion in the past two years, he'd been very tempted to break a few rules with A.J.. "Did you need me?" Okay, so that didn't quite come out right.

"I see you and Vince have things to discuss. What I had to say can wait." She ducked her head and scurried out of the room. If Daniel wasn't mistaken, A.J. was hiding something. Something big enough to make the self-determined young account executive leave the room as if her tail was on fire.

Vince whistled. "Damn she's got great legs."

"Leave A.J.'s legs alone," Daniel muttered, his attention on those firm, fabulous calves peeking from beneath her skirt, the incredibly tiny ankles and the arch of her feet in the low-heeled pumps.

"What do you want, Vince?"

For a moment Vince didn't answer, his head tipping thoughtfully to one side. "You've got a thing for her, don't you?" His focus shifted from the doorway back to Daniel.

"No, we just work together." His rule. He lived by it.

"You know if she was to lose the ugly glasses and let her hair down, I bet she'd be a knockout."

Daniel had no doubt about it. He'd wondered himself and had dreams about removing the glasses, business jacket and skirt. Fantasy. Pure fantasy. They lived and worked in the reality of this office. He dragged his gaze away from A.J.'s disappearing skirt to his friend. "What were you talking about when we came into my office?"

"Don't tell me she didn't tell you." Vince pounded Daniel's back. "Does our A.J. have a devilish side hidden beneath that prim and proper business act?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Vince marched straight to the window and tugged at the cord on the blinds lifting them all the way up. The cool winter sun shone into Daniel's office. "Her." Vince poked his finger toward the glass. "I want her number."

Daniel moved around Vince and stared at a woman staring back at him from a billboard-a billboard three times the size of a tour bus, stretching a full city block on the side of the huge warehouse building directly across from the Tate and Westerfield Advertising building. Her slinky red dress displayed more skin than it covered, the front dipping almost to her belly button, showing enough cleavage to cause a wreck.
Five stories below, tires shrieked and metal slammed against metal.

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