Saturday, December 01, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Celebration


Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon!

Nothing says celebration like a bachelor party, right? Who wouldn't want to send the bride groom off to his wedding with a hangover, memories of a stripper and everything else he'd be missing once he got married. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't approach this right... Anyway, BOOTS AND BAREBACK, is about one lucky lady hired to provide the entertainment for a bachelor party. And there are three bachelors, not the groom, who want to win her hand. Who will claim her?

Leave a comment for a chance to win a download of BOOTS AND PROMISES, the prequel to BOOTS AND BAREBACK.

Old Man O’Brien’s plan to get his sons hitched is about to work a little too well…

Isabella Severs’s life is a shambles. When her fiancé dumped her, he took the horse she’d raised from a colt, and she wants him back. The horse, not the fiancé. Though she’s scrounging every penny working at the Ugly Stick Saloon, there’s no way she’s going to make enough to buy Sundance back before he’s put up for auction.

Until Old Man O’Brien makes her an offer she can’t refuse. One night of stripping for his son Jesse’s bachelor party, and all her problems will be solved.

Sean, Gabe and Tanner aren’t interested in settling with any one girl—until Isabella’s eye-popping performance on a mechanical horse gets their blood pumping. She’s perfect: sexy as hell, and well-suited to ranch life.

Yet as the brothers vie for her attention, they discover there’s a vulnerable woman beneath the sass. And instead of a winner-gets-the-girl competition, they find themselves joining forces to convince her she’s worthy of the love of a good man…or three.

Sean, Tanner and Gabe stood close, their hands clenched at their sides, their faces set in grim lines, their jeans bulging at the fly. Each man’s gaze locked on her exposed ass.

Isabella arched her back, bringing her breasts into view.

The three men sucked in breaths as one, their chests rising and falling as they exhaled.

Oh, yeah, the night could be a lot more interesting, if she chose to seduce all three.

A power surge like none she’d felt before ripped through Isabella, giving her the courage to ramp up the sex factor and make the lap dance more for the bachelor’s brothers than the engaged one, whose lap she occupied. She wiggled her bottom and rose to sit in his lap again, grinding her ass against the rising ridge in his jeans. Even the almost married man couldn’t resist a little action.

“You gotta stop that, or I’ll be divorced before I make it to the altar.” Jesse grabbed her chaps and pushed her toward his brothers. “Dance for my brothers. I’ll watch and think of my fiancée.”

Isabella stumbled toward Gabe, Tanner and Sean. Tanner caught her, his hands landing around her rib cage beneath the swell of her breasts.

“Let her dance with me. I’ll be nice.” A sandy-blond-haired man stepped forward, his hands held out toward Isabella.

Jesse shook his head. “No way, Ernie. Cassie claims you have arms like an octopus.”

“I’ll behave.” A dark-haired Hispanic man claimed. “Por favor, let her dance for me.”

“Mario, you’re married. Keep it that way.” Jesse grinned up at his brothers. “Besides, my brothers are smitten with the lovely Isabella. I’m curious to see which one she chooses.”

Isabella frowned.

“Am I a game to you O’Briens?” She brushed Tanner’s hands away and stood with her hands fisted on her hips.

“No.” All four brothers spoke at once.

“I just want to take you out. Get to know you,” Sean said.

“I want to date you,” Gabe said.

“Me too,” Tanner added. “Question is why you won’t go out with any of us?”

Her hands fell to her sides. Isabella had one good reason for not wanting to go out with them. And it had nothing to do with them, so she shrugged and lied. “I can’t decide which one I like best.”

Tanner’s frown deepened.

Gabe stared at her, eyes narrowed, not uttering a word.

Only Sean whooped. “The rest of you losers can back off. She likes us.”

“Let her dance.” Jesse stood, pushing his way through his brothers, giving Isabella some space. “This is my last night as a single man. There’s nothing I’d like more than to watch my brothers suffer, fighting over one woman. You don’t know how good it feels that I’m marrying the woman of my dreams and I’ll have her all to myself.” He waved toward Isabella. “Dance. Maybe that will help you decide which one of these boneheads you want.”

Isabella slipped away from the men and climbed the steps onto the stage, her breath labored. Had her lie been an untruth? Or had it been too close to the truth?

With the music twisting around the thoughts in her mind, she undulated and swayed her way toward the mechanical horse, choosing to ride to ease her troubled and confused thoughts.

She switched on the motor, grabbed the fake mane and swung up onto the fiberglass beast.

As the horse turned and bucked beneath her, Isabella held on, her body moving with the music and the rhythm of the beast. With the men watching, their gazes caressing her from top to bottom, heat rose from her core to spread throughout her body. Moisture pooled in her channel, and each rub against her pussy sent fractured spikes of electricity shooting straight to her center.

The riding crop found its way between her legs, tapping at the triangle of fabric covering her clit. She wanted to strip naked and ride bareback, her slit rubbing against the leather crop.

As the song came to an end, she slid off the mechanical horse and fled behind the curtain, so aroused she didn’t know how she’d go on for another dance. And loving every elevated sensation she was feeling.

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Caffey said...

Hi Myla! Don't put me in for PROMISES because I read and loved it. I came by to catch a peek of who or how many Isabella picked and it was a great tease to read! This one will sizzle!

JackieW said...

I love to read about Westerns and horse stories and so when they also include romance all the better. Would love to read your book. thanks for hte chance to win .

Ann Q said...

New book looks great. It is so interesting how these relationships are handled. It is difficult with just two people involved, let alone more.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this book.

Unknown said...

What a hot, hot, hot snippet. If I don't win, it is definitely going on my wish list.Thanks for the tantalizing tease~

Myla Jackson said...

Ann Q is the winner of the drawing and she gets a free download of Boots and Promises! Woot!