Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Why Can't We Be Friends?

I knew as soon as I saw this caption, it had to be SEX ED. Poor Ed is trying to stay friends with Kendall. He's promised Kendall's brother that he'll look after her. But sex with the little sister of his best friend? Not happening! Or is it?


by Myla Jackson

She wanted lessons in how to make a cowboy hot...
He was the cowboy to teach her
Kendall has loved sexy cowboy Ed Johnson since the first time she saw him taming wild horses. Now Kendall is twenty-one, legal and ready to be more than friends. In her bid to win his affections she asks Ed to give her a few Sex Education lessons about what makes a cowboy hot.

Ed promised Kendall's brother he'd keep an eye on his little sister while he's away defending their country. But Ed's pretty darn certain Sex Education lessons aren't what big brother had in mind. Caught between his pledge and a recently matured little sex kitten, Ed struggles to keep his word, while giving Kendall what she wants, Sex Ed.


As he shifted into park, Ed glanced up at the window to Kendalls apartment. The blinds were open and Kendall stood with her side to the window, wearing nothing but a thin, lace bra and thong panties. She turned her back to the window and unclipped the bra, letting it fall down over her arms to the floor.
She might as well be naked—the thin strap of the thong cutting a line between her butt cheeks hid nothing.
Ed moaned, his cock twitched, and blood rushed in to make it swell behind his zipper. He forced anger to follow the powerful rush of lust. Did the girl have so little sense as to leave her window wide open so that any peeping Tom could look in?
With the storm of lust and righteous anger driving him forward, Ed leaped out of the car, passed the door to his apartment on the first floor and took the steps two at a time to the upper apartment where Kendall lived. He hammered on the door until Kendall flung it open.
"Oh, Ed." She cupped her hands over her naked breasts, like that did anything to hide their beautiful, lush fullness from Eds vision. "Wheres the fire?"
Ed pushed past her and marched to the window on the other side of the apartment, yanking the string on the shade so hard, the shade popped out of its slot and clattered to the floor.
Kendall giggled behind him, her eyes going wide when Ed glared.
He gathered the shade from the floor, fit the ends into the slot and lowered it with more precision and care this time. When he was done, he faced Kendall, and breathed a sigh to find her clutching a shirt to her chest. "Dont undress in front of the window. I thought your mother taught you better than that."
"Theres not anyone on this street whod care but Old Man Frantzen." She tossed her hair. "Im sure hes so blind he couldnt see that far anyway."
Ed jerked his thumb toward the window. "You never know what perverts are lurking out there looking for an eyeful. And honey, you were giving an eyeful and then some."
Her eyelids closed to half-mast and she sidled close. "Perverts? Hum…sounds interesting." Slim fingers climbed up his chest and the shirt she held slipped lower, letting one perky nipple peek through.
Ed reached out and lifted the shirt to cover her flesh, realizing his mistake as soon as the backs of his fingers brushed over her naked skin. Stifling a groan, he jumped back. "Just close the blinds before you strip, will ya?"
"Yes, sir!" Kendall popped a salute.
That pesky shirt slipped down again to expose the other pretty breast.
A moan escaped Ed's throat and he dove for the door.

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