Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Shame, Shame!

Don't you love a little sneak peak? In this excerpt you get more than a sneak peak at BOOTS AND LEATHER, you get a sneak peak and a little voyeurism with Libby's sneak peak at Audrey and Jackson's antics in the storeroom and backstage at the Ugly Stick Saloon.


by Myla Jackson


This biker chick longs for the open road…until two Kiowa cowboys shift her gears. 

Libby Jones had been on the road for over a year, running from her past, when she landed in Temptation, Texas, working at the Ugly Stick Saloon. Eight months later, she knows she has to leave or risk her past catching up with her. Then why did she take the Gray Wolf twins up on an offer to go riding on their ranch? Getting involved wasn't in the cards for this free-rider.

They're just the Kiowa Cowboys to rope her in...

Mark and Luke Gray Wolf had been trying to capture Libby Jones's attention since she'd started work at the Ugly Stick, only she's blown them off at every attempt to ask her out, until now. Determined to show her a good time on the ranch, they take her to their special project site on the ranch and show her what she's been missing for eight months. They're plan: to expose her to the temptations only twins can provide to persuade her to stay for the long haul.

Convinced she's falling for the two, Libby longs for a life she can't have, knowing she must leave before her whereabouts are discovered. But all hell breaks loose when her past walks through the doors of the saloon. They Gray Wolf twins have a fight on their hands to keep Libby from running again.

Warning: Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon. Pull up a chair and set a spell, you're gonna wanna hear this tale about two hot Kiowa twins and a leather-clad biker chick. Multiple partners, a little BDSM, and one skinny-dippin' scene so hot it’ll make the pages sizzle!


 With ten minutes to cool her heels, Libby slowed and paused at the entrance to backstage. A flash of naked skin snagged her attention and she tipped her head to the side to get a better view of what was going on.
Libby’s heart fluttered at the sight of Audrey perched on a stack of boxes, completely naked except for her bright red cowboy boots. Her legs wrapped around Jackson’s equally naked body as his hips rocked, grinding against hers.

One of Audrey’s arms circled Jackson’s shoulders as she rode him, leaning close to kiss the side of his neck. In her other hand, she held a long leather whip. She glanced across the room, her gaze connecting with Libby’s. Audrey winked and flicked the whip, a loud crack splitting the air.

“Careful with that. You almost got me,” Jackson warned.

“Had I been aiming for you, I wouldn’t have missed. Now, ride me, cowboy,” Audrey demanded.

Libby’s breath hitched and she stepped back, just enough so she couldn’t see. Heat rose from her chest into her cheeks. She’d never spied on another couple having sex. But Jackson and Audrey had looked so very hot and sexy, and the kink factor of the whip made Libby’s blood burn.

Audrey’s moan drew Libby back to the entrance like a sailor to a siren. She couldn’t help watching as the couple engaged in hot and kinky sex.

Jackson shifted, turning himself and Audrey, giving Libby a side view of the action. His long shaft pumped in and out of Audrey’s cunt. The soft slurping sound of a well-lubricated channel interspersed with Audrey’s moans and Jackson’s grunts as he thrust into her.

Libby’s belly tightened. She pressed her hands to still the butterflies, her thighs quivering in anticipation of Jackson’s next thrust.

Audrey leaned up to whisper something into Jackson’s ear.

He smiled down at her and then turned to Libby, his eyelids drooping down over his brown-black eyes. “Wanna join us?”

Libby jumped back, unable to pull her gaze from the couple. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to watch.”

“It’s okay. We don’t mind.” Audrey’s ankles crossed behind Jackson’s back and she pulled him into her
“Do we?”

Jackson shook his head. “If my lady likes a little more kink, I’m all for it.” He waved a hand, beckoning Libby into the room. “She has completely corrupted me.”

“No. I shouldn’t.” Despite her denial, Libby couldn’t move back another step—her feet were glued to the floor. The intimate connection between Audrey and Jackson set Libby’s pussy on fire. “The twins are coming to pick me up.”

Audrey smiled. “You can watch until they come.” She let her legs slide down Jackson’s thighs to the floor.

Jackson pulled his cock free of Audrey’s cunt and it jutted straight out, hard and thick. Bigger than anything Libby had ever witnessed.

She swallowed hard, her tongue slipping across suddenly dry lips.

Audrey trailed a finger all the way down Jackson’s chest to the hard, stiff shaft. “Just so you know, the twins are built just like Jackson.”

The Kiowa frowned and thrust his hips forward. “I’m bigger.”


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