Monday, July 18, 2011

One Up On You (Dirty Tricks) Excerpt

by Myla Jackson


Her hands slid up and over each of her breasts, caressing and pinching until the sharp pain made her nipples pucker and tighten even more. The tingling in her breasts set off a barrage of fireworks erupting lower still, stirring her core to the temperature of a stewing volcano, ready to blast—if given the right attention.
Charli bent her knees, letting them fall to the side of the air mattress, exposing her pussy to the warm night air. A cooling breeze brushed through her mound, stirring more than hairs in the process. Slowly, savoring the feathery soft connection, she let her fingers skim ever downward, over her ribs, past her bellybutton to the curls guarding her folds. She laced her fingers through their softness, locating the sensitive nubbin beneath. Flicking once, she sucked in a sharp breath, her groin tensing and her knees pushing upward.
"Oh, yes," she moaned and flicked again, her clit swelling, throbbing, demanding more. With two fingers extended, she dipped into her channel, swirling in the wash of juices drenching her. A third finger teased her clit, stroking and scraping. Whispering a little louder, she called to the darkness, "You don't know what you're missing."
Her breathing grew more labored, her eyelids dropping low as her hips rocked, water lapping up over her hands, splashing across her breasts. Lord, she felt as if her body would explode. When she did, her orgasm rocked her world, shattering her soul into a thousand shards, sending her spiraling over the edge. "Oh, sweet Jesus!" she called out, her words echoing in the stillness of the night.
Startled by the loudness of her own voice, Charli opened her eyes and shot a glance around. The air mattress had completed a one-eighty, spinning around to face the way she'd come. As she turned full circle, her hand still stroking her cunt, Charli froze.
Poised halfway down the steps, his taut body still fully visible in the moonlight was a tall, dark Texan wearing nothing but a broad-brimmed black cowboy hat pulled low, blocking his facial features so thoroughly, Charli couldn't discern who he was.

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Harlie Williams said...

I really must buy this book. **sigh**