Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunday Report Card

This past week was a combination of vacation in Colorado snow skiing and getting some edits done.I skiied two days, got peely skin from wind and sun burn, but I'm happy to say I edited a full novel I hope to publish straight to Kindle, I did the first round of copy edits for the latest novella in my Bound and Tied Series: River Bound, and I did copy edits on my newest novella SEX ED. That was all in Colorado and on the trip home! Saturday and Sunday I spent getting the Roses Colored Glasses Quarterly Newsletter up and running, updated my Myla Jackson website, updated an artist's website, made 3 book covers for upcoming books that will go straight to Kindle and studied the how-to's of formatting and submitting to Kindle. A very busy weekend and no new pages.

That's what I have on my plate for this week along with a visit to Shreveport, LA for the NOLA Written in the Stars Conference. Yippee! I have pages to complete before I can go. Wish me luck!

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