Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Report Card

This week I wrote 63 pages for my latest Harlequin under my pen name Elle James. I'm on deadline to complete this one by Feb 1.  Have to make mega pages this coming week in less than 4 days as I head out of town to Jackson, Mississippi for a Plotting Bootcamp my sister, Delilah Devlin and I will conduct. I worked last weekend on putting together workbooks for the bootcamp and that pretty much took all weekend.

I've also worked on my book I'm writing for straight Kindle. I only added a page, but reviewed and submitted the 1st chapter for critique. I'm excited about the story. It'll be fun to write.

Still need to write the next in my Ellora's Cave vampire series Body Snatchers. I'm behind on that one. No word yet on Bound & Tied Book 3: River Bound. Sure hope my editor at Samhain likes it. If she does it'll probably be late summer before it is released. And I so wanted Rosalyn's story out soon after Duty Bound. Ah well, more anticipation. I better get to work on the next in that series.

Thinking about running a contest to build a free read on my blog. More later on that. Gotta get some promotion done today for my release on Tuesday.  Yay Duty Bound releases in two days! It's Jake's story and he deserves his happiness. Boy will he get it!

Come see me soon!

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