Friday, January 07, 2011

Revving up for the new year!

It's January, the month for beginnings. I feel like I just climbed on my motorcycle (no, I don't own one) and I'm ready to roar into the new year. This is the time when we wipe our slates clean and start fresh. All the regrets of tasks unfinished from the previous year have been lamented and filed away.

This year, I'm making a resolution to make no resolutions. Wow, fail on that one. If I lose weight...great! If not, too bad. I have my writing, my deadlines and a few trips planned for the year. The first of which is one with my sister, Delilah Devlin, to Jackson, Mississippi to lead a Plotting Bootcamp for the writer's group there. Should be fun!

So I'm on the cycle, I'm revving my engines and I'm off!

I leave you  with a sexy motorcycle rider for you to enjoy.

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