Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm excited to announce the start of a new wild west series called BOUND AND TIED coming out with Samhain Publishing, starting October 26th with the release of HONOR BOUND a story set in the 1860's.
Two lonely miners in the Colorado Gold Rush and one tempting widow-turned-thief get tied in knots over each other...
When what feels right could get a man killed
Zach Braun struggles to resist his unnatural desire for his claim partner, Jake. The two rugged miners have been alone in the mountains for months, with no women. Exhilerated by the discovery of gold, they give in to their lust and discover sexual delights in each other.
A witness to seduction...
Widow Honor Whitaker, is on the run from her Indian captor, when she stumbles upon two men whose sexual activities make her want to join them. Determined to retain her independence she takes what she needs from a cabin and runs.
When a thief attempts to steal their gold, Zach and Jake aren't quite sure what to do with her, so they tie her up. They are shocked to discover their thief witnessed their sexual antics and that she was aroused by what she saw.
Together the three learn to let go of social mores and to accept what feels good as right, not the devil's work. But their newfound delight in each other might come to an end when a savage comes to claim what is his.
Watch for the next book in the series called DUTY BOUND due out in January of 2011! Jake gets his girls!

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booklover0226 said...

October 26th will not get here soon enough for me!