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Snippet Saturday - Emotion

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This short story (5000 words) is the prequel to BOOTS AND BAREBACK published by Samhain Publishing.
A cowboy can't possibly be happy in NYC, can he?
Ella Lang followed her dream to be on stage all the way to New York City, with the approval and support of the love of her life, Jesse O'Brien, a genuine, died-in-the-cowhide Texas cowboy. For months, Jesse has pounded the pavement and has yet to find a job befitting a man used to horses, boots and wide-open spaces. Though it breaks her heart, it's time to cut her lover loose and let him mosey on back to the Rockin' O Ranch, his roots and the family and horse he loves.
Look out Ella, this cowboy has other plans...

Ella Lang stood in the bedroom doorway of her tiny Manhattan apartment, staring at the man she loved more than life.

Jesse James O’Brien lay spread out naked across the sheets. Six feet three inches of muscled cowboy, his feet hanging over the end of the double bed, the most gorgeous specimen of masculinity a woman could ever hope for.

The night had been grueling at the theater. Nothing had gone right. Stage props hadn’t cooperated. Ella had not one, but three, wardrobe malfunctions and missed one of her cues.

Her focus hadn’t been on her performance, so much as on this man, this fish-out-of-water cowboy who had no business moving to New York just because she had.

Hindsight being twenty-twenty, Ella knew she should never have let him come. He belonged in Texas on the Rockin’ O Ranch with his father and brothers and sister, not cooped up in a postage-stamp apartment, searching for work in a city that preferred celebrities over honest, hard-working cowboys.

God, he looked so peaceful, lying sprawled across the bed.

Ella didn’t want to wake him. Instead, she eased around the corner of the bed and entered the tiny bathroom, peeled off her clothes and showered away the residual stage makeup and hairspray that was as much a part of a performer’s life as her voice and acting. She towel-dried her hair and debated slipping into a nightgown or just sleeping naked like Jesse. After only a moment’s hesitation, her pussy growing warm and wet, she opted for naked. She hung the towel on the towel bar and turned to switch off the light. At that moment, she noticed the blue jeans hanging on a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

Jesse’s jeans.

She lifted them down and hugged them to her chest, the scent of Jesse and denim reminding her of Texas and the home she’d left to follow her dreams. Visions of wide-open spaces and fields of fresh green hay came to mind, kicking her in the gut with a truckload of homesickness. Refusing to give into the ready tears building in her eyes, Ella folded the jeans over her arm, intent on hanging them in the closet in the bedroom.

Something dropped from one of the pockets and bounced off her foot, causing her to glance down. On the floor beside her lay a tiny box.

Heart thumping, Ella bent to retrieve it, her knees nearly giving way as she realized what it was. The little blue package with a pretty white bow had bold black letters spelling Tiffany & Co written in neat script across the top.
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