Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snippet Saturday - Villain

Love a good villain? Me too! Check out this female villain from TROUBLE WITH HARRY.
Meet Danorah Hakala-Sexy Bitch.

Myla Jackson

In 1924 Harry, an adventurous archeologist, uncovers his greatest discovery—the tomb of the daughter of Shah Azhi “the devil king”, containing the magical stone of Azhi. Legend tells of the stone’s power to grant wishes. When Harry lays his hands on the prize, he’s sucked into a bottle and stays there for over eighty years.

 In the twenty-first century, lonely museum worker Edie Ragsdale has been tasked with cataloging the contents of a sarcophagus. Among the mummified remains of a long-dead princess, Edie finds a bottle. When she brushes away the dust of thousands of years, a naked Harry appears. Because she was the one to wake Harry from his long sleep, Edie is able to wish for anything her heart desires and Harry has to grant it. But when her wishes land her on the set of a porn film and the deck of a pirate ship with a hundred sex-starved pirates ready to teach her a few lessons on sex, Edie has to rely on handsome Harry to bail her out.
Come along for a sexy, rollicking romp and learn why you should be careful what you wish for!


Harry spared a glance at Mitch who straddled the other guy, pummeling his face like there was no tomorrow. At least he didn’t have to worry about Edie’s friend while he struggled for his own life.

“Let go—” Harry slammed the hand against the pavement, “of the damned—” On the fifth slam, the pistol sailed out of the man’s hand. “—gun!”

In the midst of Harry’s sigh of relief, he felt cool metal press against his forehead.

“Move and you die.” A steely feminine voice warned him.
Harry froze, his hands still gripping the now empty hand of the guy beneath him.

Slim fingers slipped inside his pocket and snatched the stone. When she had it in her hand, Danorah quickly backed away from Harry holding the 9mm revolver trained at his head. “Now that I’ve got what I came for, I don’t need any of you anymore.”

She lowered the weapon to point at Harry’s heart.

The low rumble of thunder echoed off the buildings of the alley.

Oh, no! Harry lunged forward grasping for the gun he’d shaken loose from the other man’s hand.
Just as Danorah pulled the trigger, the ground shook and she teetered on her shiny, black stiletto heels.


The shot missed Harry, but hit Danorah’s hired thug. He grunted and clutched the hole in his chest as blood oozed out staining the white shirt beneath his black jacket.

Harry missed the gun and rolled to his back to face his attacker while reaching his hand out for the weapon.
When the earth steadied, the blonde aimed for Harry’s chest.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.” Edie stood behind Danorah, holding something up against the woman’s temple.

Harry couldn’t see what Edie held in her hand, but it didn’t look like a gun. “Edie, be careful, she’s got a gun!”

“Drop it, bitch or I’ll shoot.” Edie’s voice held quiet determination.

The hammer clicked.

Edie jerked her hand in front of the blonde’s face and a shooshing, spraying sound erupted.

Danorah dropped her weapon but not the stone. With her empty hand, she clawed her eyes screaming at the top of her lungs. “What have you done to me? I can’t see! I can’t see!”

Edie kicked the weapon into the shadows and then turned toward the disoriented woman. “Then you won’t be needing this.” She grabbed for the black stone.

But Danorah wouldn’t release it. Tears streaming from eyes squeezed tightly shut she held on with all her might, shoving against Edie, beating her back with the stone in her hand.

“Edie, look out!” Mitch yelled.

Danorah raised the stone and smacked the side of Edie’s cheek.

Staggering backward, Edie fell to the ground, her head bouncing off the pavement. She lay as still as death.
Anger swelled in Harry’s chest. Was she all right? He couldn’t see her well enough to know whether or not she was breathing.

His anger boiled up into rage. Danorah’s greed could have caused Edie’s death for all Harry knew. Now, he was okay with being shot at, beat up and tormented, but when it came to Edie—enough was enough. Danorah would pay.

Harry threw himself at the blonde, knocking her to the ground. The stone flew out of her hand and through the air.

Mitch made a flying leap to catch it before it hit the ground.

“No, Mitch!” Harry yelled.

Too late.

Mitch made a clean catch and stood with the stone in his hands, a grin on his face. “Don’t worry, Harry. I caught it. The stone’s okay.”

The ground rumbled.

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