Monday, October 06, 2008

Texas Men coming very soon!

My sister, Delilah Devlin's, first reviews are out on TEXAS MEN and they're great!

Fallen Angels Reviews gave it 5 Angels and a Recommended Read! Yay Sis!

Wearing His Brand
Lyssa McDonough is sexy, independent, and posses a stubborn streak trench deep. She has also been in love with her brother’s best friend, who is adamant about seeing her only as his friends “little sister”. She wants him with an ache that won’t quit, and just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Therefore, she decides to do something about the fire that only this cowboy can quench. Brandon Tynan has wanted Lyssa since before she was legal, and the wanting has only gotten lustier and far more intense. However, a promise to look after her while his best friend is gone keeps him from the woman he desires most. Then one day things come to a head, and Brand must decide should he give them both what they’ve been missing or keep walking away and not look back.
This book started with a heated dialogue and kept me focused from start to finish. Lyssa wanted her man and didn’t stop until she got him. You’
ve got to love a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Brand knows she is his, and he shows her what being his woman is all about.
The sexual tension winds tighter and tighter until you can feel it sizzle and burn. These two people are going to be remembered by for a nice long while…
Slow Ride
Maggie McDermott has lusted after her younger neighbor since before either of them ever acted on it. Then her husband dies and leaves her wanting a man in more ways than one. The only thing is the man she wants is years younger than her, and she doesn’t want to be left feeling as if she’s chasing a younger man. But she just can’t say no. Daniel Tynan has known he wanted Maggie since he was a young man, and now that he has a chance to show her, he is all she could ever want. And he means to keep her. If he can only get her to understand that he’s not, too young to know his own mind and heart. Maggie keeps running, and Daniel keeps chasing. When he catches her, there is no turning back… for either of them.
I really related to Maggie in this novel because she has a woman’s needs with a woman’s heart, and Daniel gave her all that she wanted and then some. I read this story, and then read it again. The emotions were written to a fine tune, you could experience it all, and you loved it!
Very rarely can I hear the breath of the characters, the sweat of the skin, and the feel the deep-seated love of two people. The sensuality between these two left me wanting a one-way ticket to Texas for my own cowboy!
Straight Up Soldier
Suki Reese is on the run from a mad man, a man determined to make her his or no one’s at all. So she decides to run, and let her self become bait. She wants her life back and is set on catching the fool trying to ruin her life. What she doesn’t count on is the man that waltzes up her walkway like he owns the world; and declares he is going to look after her. She tries to convince herself and him that she doesn’t need his help. But the longer he stays, the more she wants him and fights the attraction that is about to burn out of control. Suki soon discovers there is no reason in the world to fight, and more than enough to give in. Mac McDonough is still fighting with recovery from a busted leg, and the last thing he wants to do is protect a woman who is a danger to his mind, and heart. Thinking he is doing a simple favor for a friend with a simple drive by, than is until he meets a spitfire who needs him in so many, many, many ways. Mac soon looses his heart, and finds this woman completes him, and that he will do anything for her love, even die.
Mac and Suki are like paper and fire in this last story! The dialogue is great, and the interaction between the characters is very real. It might not take them long to make love, but you don’t get the feeling at all that it’s rushed. It is just very real. I like the way they handle the attraction between them. The threat in the plot was always there and you never felt like it was an after thought to the passion between the two characters. They both save each other in ways they don’t expect. A very nice plot and exciting read.
This anthology was one of the most decadent reads of the year for me.
The sexuality was so intense, descriptive, and real it left you wondering how you did not hear and see the thunder and lighting. Each story was better than the last, and while you’re reading, please be sure to have a bucket of ice handy! I promise you are going to need it! The women were feisty and knew what they wanted and had no problem making it known. The men were dominating without being smothering; they understand the workings of their women’s hearts and give them all that they need.
Of all the stories in this anthology, Slow Ride reached out to me the most. The emotional aspect of it was just tremendous, and I loved it. I really connected with Maggie, she made me feel her emotions and understand what was in her heart. I think I would have liked it best as a longer stand-alone. The whole novel was great and left me in deep envy of all those women down there with those sexy Texas men! This was a very wonderful sexy and mature read. I loved this novel there was nothing left out at, it has passion, love, romance, danger, and plenty of sexual congress. Delilah never fails to deliver on any front, and this is just another testament to an extraordinary writer. As always, I am look forward to more of her extraordinary novels Congratulations to Ms. Devlin on a tale well done!
And I knew her when she was still playing with Barbies!

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