Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home from Hawaii & Guam!

I got home a couple of days ago from a two-week trip to Hawaii and Guam and I'm still struggling with jet-lag. But it was worth it! I got to see the lovely island of Oahu for the very first time and stroll along Waikiki Beach. We drove all around the island (in one day) marvel ling at the differences between the east and the west coasts. I love the sandy beaches and beautiful waves on the east, but I fell in love with the tropical splendor of the west coast where the filmed parts of Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor and 50 First Dates. It was beautiful and lush just like in the movies, only better!

Waikiki Beach was filled with beautiful people and die-hard surfers. My hubby and I walked along the beach at 5:30 in the morning and there were surfers out catching waves even at that early hour. And you'd see them surfing until the last light of day faded. Amazing!

After Hawaii, we headed to Guam to visit my oldest daughter, her husband and my grandson. The visit was too short. My daughter looked great and my grandson is a precocious three-year-old full of big words like Gi-normous and Awesome! It was fun and we managed to do a little snorkeling. The Japanese come to Guam like we go to Hawaii for vacation so there is a big Japanese influence there with lots of signs printed in English and Japanese.

My father and mother accompanied us on the trip. My father was stationed at Guam when he was in the Air Force some 35 years ago. He didn't recognize much but it was still fun for him to bring my mother and show her where he worked when he was here on an unaccompanied tour.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. The trip back from Guam took us close to 23 hours. Very trying on all of us, especially my parents. But we were all glad we went and glad we're home!

I came back with some good ideas I hope to incorporate in books over the next year or so!

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