Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fit to Be Tied - March 19th!

Today I'm talking wild west, gun-totin', chaps-wearing, ropin', ridin', sexy cowboys! That's right, ladies, the men that make you hot and sweaty by just watching them ride a horse. What's so sexy about a cowboy, you might ask?
Uh, if you have to ask...well 'nough said.
Who hasn't ever drooled over a man in chaps, wearing a cowboy hat and not much else? I give you a a couple of tasty morsels to savor...

And if you're not drooling, you're crazy! Sun-bronzed muscles, big, callused hands, powerful thighs and a whip! Cowboys have it all. Sigh *** Ah the inspiration!
What's a girl to do? Fall in LLLUUUUUVVVV!

My March 19th Ellora's Cave release Fit to Be Tied is novella about two desperate people, a cowboy and a female bandit-wannabe. The setting? Where else? Texas! The cowboy is as fast as a speeding stallion, stronger than a bull and the bandit as delicate as a prairie rose hefting a revolver. Look out Texas, the wild west will never be the same.

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Anonymous said...

Hey love. I thought I would leave a comment saying this book received 5 stars from JERR! And Me. lol.