Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

My sister, Delilah, has her resolutions up so I thought I'd better get mine out there! Here goes my 2007 wish list (I mean goals):
#1 Sell at least one Single Title to a New York Publisher this year (two - stretch goal)
#2 Get smarter about promotion for my books
#3 Complete at least three 70K books
#4 Complete at least one Single Title
#5 Complete 6 novellas 10-25K
#6 Be more accessible to readers on line
#7 Post at least bi-weekly on my blog
#8 Spend more time with family

#9 Learn more about website optimization and sales online
#10 Add one more course to Rose's Colored Glasses online list
I met most of my resolutions last year, except losing weight. You see it's not on the list? What are your 2007 goals? ~ MJ

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