Thursday, November 16, 2006

Controversial Wild Wild Women of the West Cover

Check out the cover for the anthology with authors Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson (Me) and Layla Chase! They soooo got it wrong. This is fun group of stories about women of the wild OLD WEST. We're talking in the 1800's not the 2000's! Would love to hear your comments.


Cathie said...

Oh man, yeah they sure did! Can't you tell them that they got the wrong cover, to save that for a contemp and give you a historical cover. I mean the cover is not bad but it doesn't match and will really make some think its a contemp and pick it up and find out wrong. (I love historicals, but know some just read contemps).
I hope you can make a change. its really misleading. If you want me to write them I will :)

Pamela Tyner said...

Yeah, it does look like a contemp. Maybe the back cover blurb though will make it clear that it's not?

Jennah said...

Well, that just isn't right. A reader looking forward to a contemporary wouldn't be impressed at what was inside. How strange that they would do this. Is it just for sales?

Cattwmn said...

Hmmm - they could photoshop a frilly bloomer leg instead of the knee in denim. The undergarment worn in that time period. ;) It wouldn't require a total redo - just change the garment on the 'wild woman's' leg. And remove the jewelry.

Sandy said...

They definately got the time period wrong.

And is it just me or does anyone else think the guys butt looks a little strange in those jeans?

Cathie said...

Yep he does look odd in those jeans.
Really its so miscommunicating! If I was one looking at the cover which is part of the full package of the book, I'd say it was contemp and feel misled.

I so want to write them and tell them, Can I, LOL. I am so looking forward to this HISTORICAL. Hugs, Cathie