Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shewolf Reviews

I'm getting great reviews for Shewolf.. here's some samples:
This from Angel at Romance Junkies
"There's a lot of story packed into very few pages and Myla Jackson does an incredible job of writing the tale so you don't feel cheated...Love scenes in this book are burning with decadent passion that leave the reader breathless."
"Shewolf is an interesting combination of dynamics and introduces some intriguing new concepts about werewolves. I would recommend reading it." Two-lips reviews
"I loved this book, the sensuality of it, and the anger it inspires. To say I lvoed Lyka would be an understatement, she is one woman who knows her likes and dislikes...Myla Jackson knows how to write an exotic story and I cannot wait to read more from her because she is a fantastic author of werewolf stories." ecataromance

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Loretta said...

This is one of the books I really want to get. Love the excerpt that I had read on it.