Sunday, June 25, 2006

EuroReview of Trouble with Will!

Check out what they're saying on Euro Review about Trouble with Will! They gave it five flags and a level 2 heat rating!!!!

This is the sequel to Trouble With Harry and while it can be read independently, I recommend reading the books in order because Trouble With Will picks up right where Trouble With Harry left off. Both books in this series are absolutely magnificent! Will and Kate are both hot-tempered individuals that like to be in control so when they argue, it only fuels their red-hot chemistry. This book is very entertaining and poor Will ends up in several unpleasant (but extremely hilarious) situations (I never thought it could be so funny watching a man do figure eights) and Kate gives new meaning to the phrase “go to Hell.” In conjunction with laugh-out-loud humor are explosive love scenes that will leave you begging for more! I excitedly look forward to finding out where Myla Jackson’s creative imagination will take this merry group of adventurers in the next installment of this fantastic quest!

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Loretta said...

Guess I will also be adding Trouble with Harry and Trouble with Will to my list also.