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Snippet Saturday - Quirky Character or Scene

In the Trouble series, three women come into contact with three very special bottles, filled with reluctant genies. The wishes they come up with always seem to backfire...check out what happens to Will in the 2nd of the Trouble books...


In 1924, William and his friend Harry, adventurous archeologists, uncover their greatest discovery--the magical stone of Azhi. Legend tells of the stone's great power to grant wishes. When Will lays his hands on the prize, he's sucked into a bottle to sleep for over eighty years.

In the twenty-first century, collector of rare objects of great value, Kate Brandt, purchases what she thinks is the Eye of the Serpent only to receive in its place a dusty ancient bottle. When she brushes away the dust of thousands of years, a naked Will appears out of thin air. Because she was the one to wake Will from his long sleep, Kate is able to wish for anything her heart desires and Will has to grant it. And boy, does she use it to get what she wants. Join Kate and Will in a wild ride through the streets of Riyadh and across the desert and learn that wishes can come true, even when you're not sure you wished for it.

Kate frowned. “You mean to tell me you don’t remember fucking me like a dog?”

His eyes widened. “Oh my God, did I?” He shook his head. “My apologies. I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never fuck—made love to a woman like she was an animal.”

“You’re not pulling my leg, are you?” She pushed against him. “I mean, you were going at it like you knew what you were doing. I thought you wanted to do it.” Her face warmed and then her eyes widened. “Oh shit.”


“The wish.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I wished you’d fuck me like a whore.”

“You did what?” Will shouted.

Kate shot to her feet and planted her fists on her naked hips. “I was testing a theory.”

“I’d say your test proved your theory.”

“You mean you didn’t do it because you wanted to?” Her chest tightened at the thought.

“One minute we were arguing, the next minute my body took over and I can’t do a thing about it.” He glanced down at his glistening cock, lying flaccid against his leg.

“Talk about a blow to the ego.” Jeez. How did you face the man you more or less raped on a wish?

“Not that I didn’t enjoy it.” He grinned. “On the contrary, it was…animalistic.”

So much for feeling sorry for the guy. Kate grabbed the pillow he’d discarded and shoved it into his chest. “Great. Now you’ll think I’m a fucking animal.”

Disregarding the discarded towel, Kate stalked across the room, naked and not giving a damn.

Will caught up with her and grabbed her arm. “Kate, you’re beautiful and whether or not I fu—made love to you of my own will, I’m grateful.

“Of all the stupid, insensitive, moronic things a guy could say—”

The wind was knocked from her sails when Will’s lips descended over hers, shutting off the stream of epithets she was ready to sling at him.

Despite her resolve to throw him out at the first chance she got, Kate melted into his arms and returned his kiss.

When they broke apart, she gathered enough wind to say, “Don’t think you won that argument.”

He gave her a purely superior, male smile. “I think my talents have proven themselves.”

“Oh, so now you’re the cocky one?” She raised her eyebrows and glanced at the pillow held in front of his penis. “I have the power to wish, you have to grant my wishes. I wouldn’t push me.”

“Don’t push you?” Will stalked across the room his ire rising with each step he took on the lush carpet emphasizing his nakedness. “Are you Daddy’s little girl used to getting her way at the expense of others? Good God, Kate, who died and made you princess of the world?”

Her eyes widened and the proud and adventurous Kate whose eyes flashed fire a moment before glistened with a film of unshed tears.

She met him halfway across the floor and poked her finger in his chest. “He is not dead. Do you hear me? Not!” On that final word, she turned, walked into the bedroom shutting the door between them.

On the other side of the panel she continued to talk, the words muffled and hard to understand.

“Now what?” Will asked the empty room. Without Kate in it, he was at a loss and not liking it. “If you really can make wishes come true you could at least wish me some decent clothing,” he shouted through the panel.

More muttering sounded from within and then the building rocked. As thunder rattled the windows, Will felt his skin tingle. When he looked down, he had the damned clown suit on again.

“Just who the hell is Elvis, some freak in a sideshow?” he yelled at the panels of the closed door.

The door crashed open and Kate stood there wearing what looked like a black, sleeveless undershirt and khaki pants and carrying a brush. Her hair hung down around her shoulders and the fire was back in her eyes. “Elvis was the king.”

“King of what? Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus?” He had a hard time concentrating on the conversation when there was still so much of Kate’s arms and shoulders to see beneath the slip of a shirt.

“What do you know? If you really are from, what was it, 1924, you wouldn’t have a clue.”

“I am and I don’t. Enlighten me.”

As Kate raked the brush through her hair, she explained, “Elvis was the king of rock and roll, a new era in music that changed everything.”

“Interesting. And did you know Elvis personally?”

“No, he died before I was born.”

“Then why did you say he wasn’t dead?”

“I wasn’t talking about Elvis.” She turned away from him and strapped a knife to her forearm.

“If you weren’t talking about Elvis who had your knickers all in a twist?”

“Oooh!” She faced him with the knife pointed at his chest. “I did not have my knickers in a twist.”

“Did too.” Will pushed the knife aside. “Be careful where you point that. And tell me that isn’t all you’re going to wear. Do all women go around partially clothed and wearing men’s trousers?”

With a deep breath, she blew air out her nose like an angry bull. “I wish you’d go to Hell, Will.”

“Please tell me you didn’t wish me to go to Hell.” He grimaced and waited. As expected, the floor beneath him rolled. “I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“Too bad. You pissed me—”

Before Kate finished her sentence, Will’s world went black.

* * * * *

Will staggered through a blisteringly hot, red desert. The wind blew at hurricane force, blasting him with sand and ash. Everything, including the air he breathed, burned like fire. The white fringe hanging from his arms burst into flame. As he flapped around like a bird, his eyebrows started smoking. Alternating between flapping and slapping his eyebrows, Will yelled into the sand-filled gusts, “Harry, what have you gotten me into?”

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Sunday Report Card

Announcements First

Wild and Wicked Cowboys Blog on January 22nd only- Prize Giveaway!

I'm blogging. Come visit, leave a comment for a chance to win a download of ONE UP ON YOU the first book in the Dirty Tricks Series

Bandit Creek Blog on January 24th- Prize Giveaway!

I'll be telling a secret about myself and giving away a books of books and swag. Stop by and comment for a chance to win!

* * * * *

My Report Card

I made a good start at my To Do list this week and sadly petered out. I guess I'm going to have to crank up the pace this week to meet some of my January goals!
1) Kicked off the Roses Plotting Bootcamp with my sister Delilah Devlin.
2) Responded to lessons from the Plotting Bootcamp;
3) Revised FREE RIDER the sequel to BOOTS AND CHAPS. Added 4K words, but not finished.
4) Made serious updates to a website for my mother's art guild. Check out
5) Loaded Saturday Snippet Blog
6) Completed interview for Inspiration Forum
7) Had lunch with an aspiring writer. I hope I didn't scare her off...
8 ) Blogged on Wild and Wicked Cowboys
9) Missed the Diamond State Romance Authors‘ monthly meeting where I was supposed to co-host a talk about time managements and planning with my sister, Delilah Devlin. Couldn't make the 3.5 hour trip yet.
10) Attended 2 Physical Therapy sessions for my torn ACL
11)  Had two blood draws to check to see if my blood thinners are working to keep me alive from the blood clot I got as a result of the torn ACL.
12) Took dog to the vet for ear infection and stinky skin issues. What's with that malti-poo? Sigh, high maintenance, but my friend. What can I do but love her?
13) Worked at our machine shop wrapping up the Quality Audit Response. 

Not enough of writing, that's for certain. I've been a little distracted due to the blood clot. Having to give myself 2 shots a day to kick-start the blood thinners. Now I know how my diabetic dad feels!
* * * * *
That's my week. Y’all have a good week!

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Snippet Saturday - Friends

Oh yeah, Kendall is hot and bothered and she can't wait to get Ed in her bed, but that will ruin all her plans to woo the sexy cowboy. These things take time, patience. In the meantime, Kendall is so lathered up, she can't wait. That's what friends are for...see what Lacey has in mind...


She wanted lessons in how to make a cowboy hot...
He was the cowboy to teach her
Kendall has loved sexy cowboy Ed Johnson since the first time she saw him taming wild horses. Now Kendall is twenty-one, legal and ready to be more than friends. In her bid to win his affections she asks Ed to give her a few Sex Education lessons about what makes a cowboy hot.

Ed promised Kendall's brother he'd keep an eye on his little sister while he's away defending their country. But Ed's pretty darn certain Sex Education lessons aren't what big brother had in mind. Caught between his pledge and a recently matured little sex kitten, Ed struggles to keep his word, while giving Kendall what she wants, Sex Ed.


Oh, sweet Jesus. She couldn't wait until her next lesson.
Kendall turned off the shower, grabbed for a towel, barely even dried her body as she headed for the door to her apartment. When she yanked open the door, she yelped and jumped back.
Lacey stood with her hand raised ready to knock. Her brows rose and her gaze swept the length of Kendall's naked body. "Going somewhere?"
"I have to have him now. I can't wait." Kendall pushed past Lacey but was stopped by an elbow hooked into her arm.
Lacey yanked her to a stop. "Oh, no you don't."
Her skin cooled as the air dried the water droplets. "But I can't remain celibate for an entire week, when he's right downstairs." She tugged against the arm holding her. "Let me go."
"No way." Lacey put herself between Kendall and the staircase and pushed Kendall back into her apartment. "Take a deep breath and tell me what happened with Plan B."
Kendall stared at her apartment door, her blood raging through her veins. The fact that she stood in front of her friend without a stitch of clothing on should have been an indication she was losing it. She was past caring, her rampant desire pushing her to the brink of sanity. "I'm on fire." Kendall's hands crossed over her breasts and ran down to the apex of her thighs. "All I can think about is him taking me, again and again. This sex education plan is making me even more crazy than before. How is that helping me?"
Lacey took Kendall into her arms and hugged her. "Shh, baby. It'll be okay."
"How, when all I can think about is sex? I barely functioned at work, I can't focus on homework. I couldn't even shower without getting the female equivalent of a hard-on. I need him." Kendall wailed. "Now!"
"What you need is a good vibrator with fresh batteries."
"No, I need Ed, his cock between my legs, fucking me like there was no tomorrow."
Lacey's eyes widened. "My, my. We are in a tizzy, aren't we?"
"I'm going down there." Kendall headed for the door again. "Don't get in my way."
"Okay, go ahead." Lacey crossed her arms over her chest, her lips pressing into a thin line. "And if you go down there like you are now, you'll frighten the poor boy into the next county."
Kendall's hand closed around the doorknob before she froze. "Sweet Jesus." She leaned her head against the wood paneling. "I can't take this."
Lacey's hand smoothed along her back. "Let me help you take the edge off."
Kendall turned and leaned against the door. "How?"
"Close your eyes."
Kendall looked at her friend skeptically then shrugged. "Fine, whatever." She closed her eyes and waited. "But I don't see how that's going to help."
"Just pretend I'm Ed." Lacey's lips closed around one of Kendall's taut nipples, sucking the tip into her warm, moist mouth.
Desire tugged at Kendalls core, and her eyes opened wide. "What are you doing?"
"Saving you from making a big mistake." Lacey grinned up at her. "You liked that, didn't you?"
Kendall frowned at Lacey, but she couldn't deny it. "That doesn't make me love Ed any less."
"I don't want you to love him less, and I have no intention of stealing you away. I'm just helping you keep your sanity until phase two of Plan B." Lacey tweaked the hard little button on the tip of her nipple. "Now shut up and close your eyes again. I'll even lower my voice if that helps."
"No, no." Kendall sucked in a quick breath as Lacey's lips closed on the other nipple and she bit down gently. Her breasts flushed, and swirling heat gripped her low in the belly. "This is doing it."
"Good." Lacey continued to suckle on her breasts.
Kendall moaned. "This is only making me hotter."
Lacey straightened, her brow furrowing. "I guess there's nothing to it but to give you the works."
Kendall's heart skipped several beats. "The works?" she said, her voice breathless, her pussy creaming at the thought.

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Snippet Saturday - Place as part of a scene

My setting for this snippet is the Ugly Stick Saloon in the fifth book in the DIRTY TRICKS series



Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's fifth foray into sexual fantasies with the cowboys of Temptation, Texas.
Horny is putting it mildly...
Charli sets her sights on seducing the gorgeous war veteran and local cowboy, Connor Mason, to see what sexual delights he's been holding out on.
Will he measure up?
Waiting by the phone has never been something Charli does well. If she can't figure out who her mystery cowboy is, the least she can do is discover whether or not Connor Mason could be the cowboy for her. If he has what it takes, she might just be willing to tell Original Sin to take a hike the next time he calls.
Warning: Sexy, sweet cowboy, cornered by one hot and horny woman, seeking sexual satisfaction...


One thing was certain, if she couldn't get Connor interested while wearing nothing but a pushup bra and a vest, then she'd give up and go back to her vibrator.

Before Charli had gone five feet, Audrey hurried around her, tugging her t-shirt in place. She grabbed Libby, the bartender, and whispered into her ear. Then a grinning Audrey disappeared back into the store room.

As she stepped out onto the saloon floor, Charli's gaze panned the room, lighting on Connor Mason. He sat at a table near the dance floor, talking to Mark, Luke Gray Wolf and his high school buddy, Ed Judson.

Crap. Why couldn't he be alone? Vamping in front of a table full of his friends wouldn’t be easy. But damn it, her pussy ached for some action and she needed to know where she stood with the man.

Squaring her shoulders and sparing a last glance at her plumped cleavage, Charli grabbed a tray and started for the table.

The music on the juke box ended and a new song started, the tune Charli knew all too well. The song that gave every woman hope and filled her with the promise of finding that someone who touched her heart.

Charli groaned and turned back to the bar, biting down on her bottom lip. Should she ignore the music or go for it?

Libby held out a microphone in her direction.

"Really? This song?" Charli set the tray on the wooden bar and snatched the mic from Libby, her heartbeat kicking up a notch, knowing the words as if they had been etched in her brain for all of eternity. The song sung by one of country music's most talented artists. How could Charli, a nobody from Temptation, Texas, begin to measure up? And if she fell short? What if Connor was a big fan of the real artist? What if he didn't like Charli's version?

Self-doubt reared its nasty head, and Charli almost ran from the bar. But the music played on and her need to sing the lyrics made her mouth open. The dance floor cleared and a path opened, allowing her through to the center, directly in front of the table where Connor and his friends sat.

The man next to Connor's whistled at Charli and patted his lap.

Connor glared at him and scooted his chair closer to where Charli stood, giving her his complete attention.

Heat spread through Charli's body. Her voice started out soft, the words filling her, so tender, so gentle, swelling to the refrain. In just a few moments, she stood in the middle of the dance floor, her gaze on Connor, music swirling all around her. She sang the song to him, about him, for him. Her gaze captured his and her chest tightened, the words flowing as if from her heart to his.

When the music ended, another song followed on the juke box and couples moved out onto the dance floor.

Charli stood in a trance, her gaze locked on Connor, unable to form a coherent thought except how much she wanted him to take her in his arms and love her like the lyrics in the song. But Jackson said men were simple. Would Connor get that she'd just poured out her feelings for him, and everyone else, to see? Suddenly, she felt exposed, more so than the stupid vest and bra could begin to reveal. She'd laid open her heart and soul. As fear, embarrassment and emotion welled up inside, Charli's muscles bunched to run.

Then Connor stood, his smoky gaze unfathomable, and he stalked toward her like a panther claiming his territory, joining her on the wooden floor. "Can I have this dance?"

Heart racing, she nodded, all words now locked below the lump in her throat. As she moved into his arms, the need to run transformed into a need to get closer to this special man.

"I knew you could sing...but not like that." His arms tightened around her back. "You have a gift."

In a rush of relief, she laid her face against his chest, wanting to tell him that she'd sung the song just for him. But she couldn't, the emotion was too new, too raw.

All too soon, the music of the song faded and their feet came to a standstill.

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Snippet Saturday - Fears

That Voodoo You Do


Alluring Tales:Night Moves Series
Using Voodoo and passionate persuasion, panther shape-shifting brothers woo an abducted heiress over to their side of the bayou.
Determined to convince a rich heiress that the land she just bought should be left undeveloped,  panther shapeshifting brothers use a little Voodoo to abduct her and bring her to the swamps to woo her to their side of the bayou.
Warning: Two hot panther shifters, one sassy heiress and the bayou will never be the same...


Catherine's knees clamped around the man's arms, her thighs pressing hard holding him down, for how long, she didn't know. Fear and adrenaline pushed through her veins as she gripped his throat and squeezed, her fingers tightening around his windpipe. "Where am I, and who the hell are you?"

"Will you let me breathe?" the man gasped, the pupils in his golden eyes dilating.

"No." Her fingers squeezed harder, a shiver of fear feathering across her skin. "I don't trust you."

The man's eyes squeezed shut.

For one frightening moment, Catherine thought she'd killed him.

Then the man beneath her erupted off the floor. One moment, she was practically thrown into the air. The next, she was lying on her back on the hardwood floor, hands pinned above her head, a lean, hard body pressing against her, rendering her immobile.

"Get off me." She bucked and twisted, unable to move more than an inch or two in any direction.

"I will, when you promise to behave." He stared, his eyes narrowing, the pupils dilating, capturing her attention.

Her struggles ceased. "I know you." 

"I don't think so."

"You're Lucien, the chauffeur. Etienne's replacement." She glanced around, taking in rough hew walls and masculine furnishings. "I've been kidnapped, haven't I?"

"Yes, I'm Lucien, but most people call me Luc.” He shook his head. “And no, I didn't kidnap you."
Catherine snorted. "Don't play dumb with me. It's kidnapping if I didn't ask to be brought here, and I didn't."

"Think again." He leaned over her, his mouth descending toward hers.

Startled by his nearness, Catherine's lips parted, her breath rising in a suspended gasp.

At the last moment, he turned his head and ducked low, his breath stirring the tendrils of hair below her ear. "Think. What was the last thing I asked you?"

She shook her head, her mind reeling from sudden desire, her lips tingling from an almost-kiss. "I d-don't remember."

"Then let me remind you." While one hand held her wrists, the thumb on his other hand stroked her chin. "I asked, Where to? And you said..." He tipped his head, his brows rising.

Memory of her exact words flooded through her mind. "An island out in the middle of nowhere." Her gaze darted from side to side. "Where am I?"

"You're on an island." He grinned.

"A what?" Catherine bucked beneath him. "I don't believe you."

"See for yourself." He leaped to his feet and yanked her up from the floor all in one fluid motion.

Caught off balance, she fell against him. His arm circled her waist, steadying her. The warmth of his hand filtering through the thin chiffon layers of her dress. Heat pooled deep in her belly, burning a path even lower. How long had it been since she'd be as sexually stirred? And he was a stranger. A dangerous one, at that. Catherine shoved at his hand. "I don't need you to hold me up and I don't believe we are on an island."

He waved toward the bedroom door. "See for yourself."

Free from his hold, Catherine raced for the front door, bursting through, and would have pitched off the edge of the porch and out into the water, if Lucien hadn't grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against him.

Dark water surrounded them with little hummocks of land dotting the surface where trees and underbrush clung to the soil in a tangle of roots.

"Are you crazy? Where are we? A bayou or something?" Her throat clenching tightly, she pounded his chest.

"Take me home immediately."

"I'll take you home...just not yet." He let go.
Catherine staggered backward, careful not to fall in. She stared across the landscape at cypress trees so tall their branches wove a canopy, allowing only small patches of sunshine to illuminate the inky blackness of the still water. "You live here? Alone?"

"My brother and I live here. And we're not alone. Many other creatures live in the bayou."

She huffed. "Creatures, yeah, I can believe that. What about other humans?"

He shrugged. "Not many."

Trepidation growing, she stared at the black water surround the island. "How do you get here?"

"By boat."

Her pulse racing, she sucked in a deep breath and let it out slow and steady. "You really did bring me somewhere nobody could find me." A shiver shook her body, even as the heat and humidity pressed close. She wrapped her arms around herself. "Take me home, please."

"I will," he said. "Tomorrow. I promise."